Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My two cents on National security

Dems released a poll saying more and more Americans trust them on the issue of National Security 41 to 39% my take on the whole thing is this the idea of the Republicans are better on National Security is a myth much like crossing a black cat, stepping on a crack and Ronald Reagan was a good president. The Republicans only care about one thing enriching themselves and those who pay for their campaigns, when I heard Bush was going to use the issue of national security against John Kerry I thought how in the world can Bush use National Security when A. 9.11 happen on his watch and B. they didn't bother to pay attention to the numerous warning they were getting months before 9.11. Back in 93 when the first attack on the World Trades Center Bill Clinton went after those who attack and made these people pay by placing them in jail for life, what has Bush done? he did a half ass job in one country and got the US boged down in a middle of civil war in another. This president has done more for the bad guys cost it makes you wonder is he on their payroll with what's going on in Iraq Bush hasn't defeated terrorism he gave reason to many young people that make up the majority of the population in these countries to take arms against the United States because in their minds if we can attack an innocent nation like Iraq what will prevent their nation from being attack? When Bush is out of office and doing what he was doing before Karl Rove planted the idea of him becoming president, we will still have to worry about the mess he made in his eight years and future presidents will have to clean up this mess and restore America good image to the rest of the world. You can't be good on national security when you weaken the army for your personal benefits

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