Monday, March 21, 2011

Opportunist Arianna Huffington Reverts to True Colors

by nicole

Well, now she’s done it.

As if many of us haven’t been saying for years that Huffington is a fake Progressive, an opportunist in it for the money and fame, she had to go and prove us right, or at least make us feel like we were dead on right.arianna-huffington

Arianna Huffington, formerly the Queen of the Liberal Political Kingdom online, has hiredConservative ideologue Andrew Breitbart, thesame guy who spends so much of his time colluding with known con artist James O’Keefe, worked as an editor for the notorious Matt Drudge, worked for Ms. Huffington previously as a researcher, and helped her tolaunch The Huffington Post.

She not only hired him, she allowed him to use her site, her front page, to defend James O’Keefe’s latest scam video which targets NPR, a scam which resulted ina vote by the 112th Wingnut Congress to defund NPR.


Big news. But we want to talk about something else.Andrew Breitbart is now blogging for Huffington Post. Here’s the first graph of his very first post.

The latest James O’Keefe success story against NPR has taken a predictable pattern — panicked press releases and firings, followed by denunciation of O’Keefe in a belated attempt to discredit him. Naturally, conservatives are crowing about it, but I wanted to give a little perspective to those Huffington Post readers — whatever your political stripe — who share my passion for free speech, honest debate, and fairness in the media.

Yes, not only is the conservative agitator now blogging on the formerly iconographic liberal website, he’s using the site to credit his propensity for “honest debate.”

Honest like taking out-of-context videos of Shirley Sherrod, putting them online and–knowingly mind you–falsely accusing her of being a racist?

Et tu, HuffPo?

Huffington, like one of her many contributors, Jane Hamsher, is an opportunist.

Like Huffington, Hamsher has also teamed up with a much despised Right Wing ideologue, Grover Norquist, and like Huffington, she has spent much of the first two years of the Obama presidency on various television shows, as well as on her website, shrieking about how President Obama is just not ever good enough. All that shrieking, as well as the blatant encouragement by Hamsher’s drones to sit out the election, contributed much to our huge losses in November 2010.

I don’t know about you, but at this point, I am unwilling to give Arianna Huffington and/or the right-leaning AOL, any more clicks than I absolutely have to.

She is so over.

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