Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strong Plurality Of Michigan Voters Support Amending State Constitution To Protect Collective Bargaining

By Ian Millhiser

Last November, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) won a decisive 18 point victory in his race for the governor’s mansion. Yet after less than three months of draconian budget proposals andunconstitutional assaults on collective bargaining, Snyder is hurting. A new poll finds that Snyder would lose his election if it were held today, and that a strong plurality of the state would supportamending the state constitution to prevent Snyder from continuing his anti-union agenda:

Snyder’s also earned the ire of the voters because of the perception that he’s targeting collective bargaining rights. 59% of folks in Michigan think that public employees should have the right to collective bargaining while only 32% are opposed, and 49% of voters even favor a state constitutional amendment to guarantee collective bargaining rights while 37% are opposed to such a measure. While union households are obviously the most supportive of collective bargaining, nonunion households support it by a 53/39 margin as well so the voters Snyder is antagonizing on this issue go beyond who you might expect.

As ThinkProgress previously explained, Michigan voters can amend the state constitution by petition and referendum. Just 10 percent of the electorate can place an amendment protecting collective bargaining on the ballot, and a simple majority of the electorate can turn it into law.

M.C.L Comment: I've told people don't let that " I just want to help" bullshit fool you because there is a reason he's running on the Republican side. And now you see why he avoided debates especially those with Virg Bernero because that fluffy marshmallow rhetoric he spew in his ads wouldn't help him in the debates where he had to tell people how he's going to balance the budget and what were his priorities in detail. And you see what the media that enable his victory is trying to do, they're either not talking about what Snyder wants to do or if you're Huel Perkins or Timmy Skubick you spin it.

Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes had did more reporting on Snyder's budget and his EFM scam than the entire state of Michigan media combine.

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