Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It’s a good thing Michigan is in such good shape or the GOP would never have gotten to THIS

By /Angry Black Lady Chronicles/ Electablog

It seems like it’s every day you’re reading about some teacher shagging their 18 year old student in Michigan, isn’t it? It’s become a plague on our 18 and older youths, these predatory teachers having sex with them. That’s what teachers in Michigan do, after all: prey on 18 and 19-year old students to have sex with them.
Fortunately, the Michigan Republicans are on the case to end this tragic abuse of adult students by their teachers. No longer will 18 and 19 and 20-year old students have their lives ruined by their teachers having sex with them.
They’re gonna pass a law.
Michigan lawmakers may try to expand laws prohibiting sex between school employees and students.
A bill scheduled for debate Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee would make it a crime for school employees such as administrators and teachers to have sex with students in their districts even if the student is 18 or older.
Current law sets an age of consent in such cases at 18.
It’s fortunate that we don’t have any real problems in Michigan to deal with or we would never get around to deal with this epidemic of adult-on-adult sex sweeping through our troubled education system as teacher after teacher has sex with their 18 year old students.
Yes, our teachers in this state aren’t only parasites and leaches demanding far more than they could ever hope to deserve in terms of pay and health care, they are also sexual predators. On their adult children.
Good thing we don’t have any real problems in our state like massive unemployment, 16 job seekers for every job opening and rampant bankruptcy of our cities, villages and townships. If those things were happening, Republicans wouldn’t have time to solve nonexistent problems.
Twice in one day I’m having to blog about Michigan Republicans working on legislation for problems that do not exist in Michigan.
And it’s only Wednesday.
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