Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MDP Releases New Video: Michigan Supreme Court Not On Your Side

From Michigan Democratic Party:

LANSING – The Republican Michigan Supreme Court isn’t on your side. Time and again the Court has ruled in favor of special interests like insurance companies, drug companies, and big banks over victims. The Michigan Democratic Party today released a new video citing cases in which the Court consistently ruled for these special interests.

“This is one of the most partisan special interest-controlled Courts in the country,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “Just last week the Court favored corporations and the wealthy over seniors on tax issues and big banks over homeowners on foreclosures.”

“Four Republican Justices consistently rule in favor of big banks, insurance companies, oil companies, drug companies, polluters, and big corporations and their wealthy CEOs over victims and taxpayers,” added Brewer. “The Court rules for the special interests who fund the campaigns of the GOP Justices.”

“The people must take back the Court in 2012,” said Brewer. “We need to send the Court a message and tell these Justices, ‘we won’t stand for injustice.’ We’re confident once voters learn the truth about this Court, they will hold it accountable for these decisions and others at the polls next year.”

To watch the video, please click on the link below.

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