Friday, November 18, 2011

Organizers: 50,000 sign Walker recall petition in just 48 hours

By Stephen C. Webster/Raw Story

A statewide vote on whether Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) should be recalled seems more likely today after organizers told The Associated Press that they had collected over 50,000 signatures after just 48 hours of campaigning.
That’s well above the roughly 9,000 per day they’d need to reach the 540,000 required by Jan. 17. If Democrats and other community groups can keep up the pace, they’re almost certain to trigger a recall.
Organizers are aiming to far exceed the state’s signature requirements, just in case they have any duplicates or other issues that could disqualify some signatures.
There’s been some speculation, based on discussions found on social media, that undercover conservative activists may be plotting acts of sabotage against the petition drive, in an effort to destroy signatures or flood the process with fraudulent entries.
“Destroying petitions or engaging in the acts [described] are serious felonies,” a Wisconsin Democratic official warned. “However, these threats are intended to sow confusion. We won’t let them win, especially not like this.

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