Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Rep. Paul Scott concedes to recall

by NBC25 Newsroom

GRAND BLANC -- Rep. Paul Scott conceded to a recall Tuesday night before results had completely been reported.


Rep. Scott told NBC25 on Tuesday night, “We’re taking on a monster. The defenders of the status quo aren’t going to go away easily.  We almost took them down tonight, but that fight will continue tomorrow.”
The Associated Press reports Rep. Scott lost by 232 votes, and that while a recount has not been ruled out, the Grand Blanc representative is accepting the loss.
We spoke with Scott on Wednesday, and he still seems determined to make a difference in Michigan.
"I was definitely a leader in the legislature on a lot of these issues. I'm very outspoken about the need to reign in government," said Scott, who has not ruled out running for the same position next year.
The Citizens Against Government Overreach, a group that helped spearhead the recall efforts, says Rep. Scott needed to be ousted because of his support of the education cuts and pension taxes. 
Rep. Scott will remain in office until election results are certified.  The AP reports those results should be totaled by the end of this week.
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