Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Romney Admits Flip-Flops During ‘17 Year’ Political Career, Explains He First ‘Ran Against The Nation’s Leading Liberal’

By Judd Legum/Think Progress

Appearing today on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Mitt Romney candidly admitted he has changed his positions on multiple issues, explaining it was inevitable because he has been running for office for “over 17 years.”
Further, after being pressed by Hannity, Romney acknowledged there was a political motivation behind his reversals, noting that his initial positions were adopted when he “ran against the nation’s leading liberal Ted Kennedy.” Here’s the key excerpt:
HANNITY: If you are conservative, you’re Republican, you are running in the state of Massachussetts, you might take positions or say things you otherwise might not have said, just because the nature of the state you are in. Are we wrong or right analysis of this?
ROMNEY: Look, I say to people what I believe and do my very best to explain that. Does it mean that over, I don’t know, 17 years –I first had a public posture when I ran against the nation’s leading liberal Ted Kennedy — and have any of my views changed in 17 years? Why of course. If you don’t learn from experience, if you don’t learn when you’re wrong then you are stubborn and stupid. So of course, over that period of time, there have been items where I would have changed their mind.
Listen for yourself:
His explanation appears to directly conflict with the core message of his campaign: he is a man of the private sector while his rivals, particularly Newt Gingrich, are longtime politicans.

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