Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romney Claims He’s ‘Not Worried About The Rich,’ But Wants To Cut Their Taxes By One-Third

From Stephanie Miller Facebook Page
By Pat Garofalo/Think Progress

On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney constantly claims that he is “focused” on the middle class. “I’m not worried about rich people. They are doing just fine,” he’s said.
However, Romney’s tax plan doesn’t back up that rhetoric, as it includes huge giveaways to the already wealthy. In fact, during a debate in South Carolina last night, Romney told Fox News’ Brett Baier that he’d like the top income tax rate of 35 percent to be cut by at least a third, down to no higher than 25 percent:
BAIER: I’d like to ask a question about keeping money for all of the candidates down the line. What is the highest federal income tax any American should have to pay? We are looking for a number. [...]
ROMNEY: I would like 25 percent, but right now it’s at 35, so people better pay what is legally required. But ultimately let’s get it down to as low as we possibly can, if it’s 20, if it’s 25, but paying more than 25 percent, I think, is taking too much out of our pockets.
BAIER: So the highest you had was 35?
ROMNEY: Well, that’s what the law is right now, but 25 is where I would like to see us go.
Watch it:

Romney’s tax plan would double the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, while increasing taxes on millions of middle class families, including half of middle class families with children. But maybe we should, as Romney suggested, only talk about this in “quiet rooms,” lest the “politics of envy” rears its ugly head.
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