Thursday, February 23, 2012

New poll gives Debbie Stabenow 21-point lead over Pete Hoekstra

By Troy Reimink/
A new poll shows incumbent U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, with a sizable lead against challenger Pete Hoekstra, a Republican former representative from Holland.
The data, released today by NBC News-Marist, shows Stabenow leading Hoekstra 53-32, with 15 percent of respondents undecided.
MSNBC's Michael O'Brien states what seems obvious -- that Hoekstra might have dug himself into a hole with hisnow-infamous Super Bowl ad:
Hoekstra's disadvantage may well reflect a degree of fallout related to an ad run by his campaign in Michigan on Super Bowl Sunday. The Republican candidate took fire for racial overtones in the ad, which depicts an Asian woman speaking in broken English, facetiously thanking Stabenow for spending policies which, the ad contends, help China.
Polling from the previous week showed fellow GOP contender Clark Durant trailing Stabenow 33-50, with the remainder undecided, according to Talking Points Memo's poll aggregator.
Stabenow earlier this week said Hoekstra "should be embarrassed" by his ad, which featured an Asian-American actress, in broken English, thanking "Senator Spenditnow" for sending American dollars overseas.
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