Friday, March 02, 2012

Fox News Ignores Limbaugh Controversy

By Alex Seitz-Wald/Think Progress
Fox News devoted just a single segment to the escalating controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh’svicious attacks on Sanda Fluke, the Georgetown Law student whom Republicans wouldn’t let testify during a hearing on birth control, largely ignoring the controversy.
The only mention over the past two days, according a search of a media monitoring service, was to cover White House spokesperson Jay Carney’s commentson the controversy. Host Megyn Kelly did not play any audio from Limbaugh. Meanwhile, Fox mentioned a phony bomb threat at Limbaugh’s home (it turned out to be a piece of art from a fan) three separate times this morning, without mentioning Fluke.
In comparison, CNN has done at least five full segments on the Limbaugh controversy over the past few days, while MSNBC has done many more, including bringing on Fluke for three full-length interviews last night and today. The controversy has become a major news story,returning over 750 results on Google News.
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