Monday, March 26, 2012

MDP Chair Mark Brewer Issues Statement on Michigan Supreme Court’s Decision to Allow GOP Corruption

From the Michigan Democratic Party

LANSING – Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer issued the following statement on the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Oakland County Commission to redraw commission boundaries.

“Today, the Michigan Supreme Court has shown it is on the side of political corruption and not the rule of law. Two other lower courts have already declared this law unconstitutional, yet Republicans on the Supreme Court chose to ignore the law and the facts in order to permit Republican corruption.

“This plan was set in motion months ago and email records prove that the sole intent was nothing more than a Republican power grab. Our Justices should be standing up for the Constitution instead of promoting corruption. Voters will not forget this decision and will hold this Court accountable this November. Justices Markman and Zahra have once again proven they are nothing more than puppets of special interests.”
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