Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Michigan Residents Say “No Thanks” to Koch Brothers’ Front Group

From Michigan Democratic Party

Americans for Prosperity Propaganda funded by Big Oil Special Interests

LANSING – Out-of-state special interest front groups have already started spending big in Michigan by launching false TV ads attacking Senator Stabenow. Independent fact checkers have repeatedly called these ads “just wrong,” and also “ridiculous.”

Today, Americans for Prosperity – another deep-pocketed organization funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers who made their fortune in the oil industry – launched its election plans by funding biased partisan polls to further the Koch’s extreme agenda in Michigan. This is a typical tactic for the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity.  In other states, the group has used partisan polling firms asking selective questions to try to mislead voters.

“Debbie stands up for Michigan’s middle class, not out-of-state oil billionaires like the Koch brothers,” said Mark Brewer, Michigan Democratic Party Chair. “Americans for Prosperity, is nothing more than a front group that has a long history of trying to buy elections to the benefit Big Oil and other special interests.  Senator Stabenow is doing everything she can to break the stranglehold that Big Oil has on the US economy so it’s no wonder Big Oil is coming after her.”

Brewer was joined by a group of Michigan residents who said “no thanks” to the Koch Brothers and to outside interest groups trying to push their special interest agendas.

“Senator Stabenow is fighting for jobs and economic growth in Michigan,” said Percy Johnson, an autoworker from Troy. “She’s fought to end taxpayer giveaways to companies that ship our jobs overseas and to help middle class families get back on their feet in tough times.  These guys don’t care about Michigan, they just care about their own bottom line.”

“The middle class is being asked to sacrifice and all I see is Big Oil fighting for even greater profit,” said Ashley Forsberg, a nurse at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. “Groups like AFP want to see Medicare eliminated so oil companies and other special interests can get more tax cuts.  That’s wrong. I can’t afford biased polls, lobbyists and negative TV ads, but I know Debbie is fighting for middle class families like mine.”

The Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity present a vision for Michigan that puts special interests first, not Michigan residents. According to news reports, Koch Industries has enriched itself at the expense of consumers by keeping oil off the market, storing it in offshore tankers, and waiting to cash in when the cost of oil rises.  They’ve also worked to protect tax breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas, and squash investments in new clean energy technologies that would reduce America’s dependence on Big Oil.

On the other hand, Senator Stabenow has a long record of fighting for policies that will build a stronger economy.  She has led the effort to develop advanced battery technologies in Michigan, help farmers and agricultural businesses expand as Chairwoman of the Agriculture committee, stood up for small businesses and is a leader in the effort to end China’s predatory trade practices.

The Koch brothers made billions taking advantage of the American people – it’s no wonder they need to fund their own polls to justify their false attacks against Senator Stabenow.

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