Thursday, March 22, 2012

Will the Michigan Supreme Court do the Right Thing? Or Will It Permit GOP Corruption?

From Michigan Democratic Party

Court Should Follow the Law and Declare Oakland County Redistricting Bill Unconstitutional

LANSING – The Michigan Supreme Court will soon decide whether a blatant Republican power grab is unconstitutional. The question now is, will the Court make the right ruling or will it permit GOP corruption on both the county and state level?

“This case will show one way or another whether the Michigan Supreme Court is on the side of the rule of law, or on the side of political corruption,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “The facts are simple. This law is clearly unconstitutional, as two courts have already found, and emails between GOP leaders have proven this is nothing more than a blatant partisan power grab by the Republicans.”

“Our courts are designed to stand up for the Constitution and stop political corruption. Will the Michigan Supreme Court do the right thing and declare this law unconstitutional? Or will the Court rule in favor of Republican corruption?” asked Brewer. “The Court should follow the law, rise above petty partisan politics and stop this backroom deal.”
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