Monday, April 02, 2012

Limbaugh On Trayvon Martin: ‘This Story Is Doing More Harm To The Black Community Than Anything Else’

By Judd Legum/Think Progress

This afternoon, right-wing radio host Rush Limabugh said that the tragic death of Trayvon Martin — which has outraged millions inside and outside of the African-American community — is “doing more harm to the black community than anything else.” Ignoring the tens of thousands of people who have engaged in non-violent protests throughout the country, Limbaugh said nothing in the response to Martin’s death has been “uplifting” or “admirable.”
Limbaugh also alleged that media coverage of the case was a conspiracy between Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to ensure Obama’s relection. Listen:
Limbaugh argued that the case received scant media attention for the first several weeks because the media needed to focus on attacking him and the Republican “war on women.” Actually, media attention increased when the police finally released 911 tapes that revealed Zimmerman had pursued Trayvon Martin.
Get the essential facts of the case here.
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