Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MDP Chair Mark Brewer Issues Statement on Roy Schmidt’s Decision to Switch Parties

Now file this under weaselly bastard

From Michigan Democratic Party

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer issued the following statement on State Representative Roy Schmidt’s decision to become a Republican:

“I never had a cross word with Roy Schmidt and I enjoyed working with him as a Democrat. Unlike the GOP, the Michigan Democratic Party includes a broad spectrum of views from conservative to moderate to progressive, all of whom are welcome in the MDP. Indeed as I issue this statement, I am in Northern Michigan working with Democrats to regain a majority in the State House.

“So, it saddens me that in a desperate, cowardly, opportunistic move at the 11th hour, Roy Schmidt abandoned his constituents and the values by which he was elected for the sole purpose of clinging to office and the perks of the job. . Rather than face a tougher district, Schmidt cut a deal with the Republicans so that no one would run against him in an attempt to ensure his reelection.

“He has been deceiving voters for months as this was obviously something he had been planning for some time.  He chose this sneaky approach in an attempt to guarantee his reelection. We demand he immediately return any money raised from Democrats in the past year. We wish Schmidt well in the anti-women, anti-senior, anti-children Republican Party. He should be ashamed of this desperate, craven deed. Only someone who does not possess the conviction or confidence to face the voters would pull a stunt like this. He’ll fit in perfectly with the Republicans.”

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