Friday, May 18, 2012

The Roy Schmidt Cover-Up Begins

From Michigan Democratic Party:

Roy Schmidt’s Fake Democrat Withdraws, But Serious Legal Questions Remain

LANSING – While Roy Schmidt’s fake Democrat Matt Mojzak has withdrawn from the race, serious legal questions remain. Today, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer sent letters to Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson calling for an immediate and thorough investigation of perjury and election fraud.

“Mojzak’s withdrawal just proves that he was a fake Democrat and it’s obvious the cover-up of Roy Schmidt’s fake Democratic candidate has begun,” said Brewer. “It’s ironic that this cover-up is taking place on the anniversary of the beginning of the Watergate hearings. The voters deserve to know who exactly was involved in this plot, when it began, and why felonies were committed. These illegal conspirators must be brought to justice swiftly.”

Mojzak’s affidavit of three lies demonstrates that he was a Republican plant with the sole intention of clearing an easy path to reelection for Schmidt. The three lies in the affidavit include:
  • Mojzak claiming he’s a Democrat.
  • Mojzak claiming he’s registered to vote in the 76th district while his home and registration are in the 88th district.
  • Mojzak claiming he’s been a resident of Kent County for 22 years when he’s been living in Ottawa County.
“There are many serious questions that need to be answered,” continued Brewer. “Who recruited this fake Democrat? Who prepared his affidavit? Who filed both Mojzak’s and Schmidt’s affidavits? Who is Raymond Venezia, the man who notarized Mojzak’s affidavit?”

“Schuette and Johnson need to investigate this obvious evidence of perjury and election fraud,” Brewer said. “They demanded the so-called fake Tea Party in Oakland County be held accountable and they should be just as adamant about this fake Democrat. Will Schuette and Johnson use their resources to investigate and bring to justice whomever is involved including House Speaker Jase Bolger and Representatives Pete Lund and Roy Schmidt? The voters deserved to know.”

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