Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is House GOP Campaign Boss Pete Lund Hiding Regarding GOP Perjury and Election Fraud in his Non-Denial Denial?

From Michigan Democratic Party:

What Was Lund’s Involvement in the Roy Schmidt Scandal?

LANSING – From Pete Lund’s latest comments, it sure looks like he has something to hide. In an interview with MIRS earlier this week (5/22/12), Lund refused to deny that he and Republicans played a role in recruiting fake Democrat Matt Mojzak to run against former Democrat Roy Schmidt in House District 76. Mojzak lied on his candidate affidavit and is now under investigation by the Michigan State Police for perjury and election fraud.

From MIRS: “Asked by MIRS if he ever attended or had knowledge of any internal meetings about how to handle the Schmidt situation, he retorted, ‘I was not a party to any meeting.’ He acknowledged that he is not aware that there were any, yet he does not rule it out that it might have happened.”

While he claims to have not attended any meetings, was he still part of the plot? Was he aware of phone calls and emails? What exactly did Lund know and when did he know it?

“Lund’s non-denial denial just raises more questions about this illegal Republican plot,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “What was Lund’s role in recruiting Mojzak? Was it his idea? Did he conspire together with Schmidt and other Republicans? Lund and Schmidt need to stop being evasive in their answers and come clean to the voters.”

“This deception needs to stop,” added Brewer. “Crimes were committed in this scandal and the voters deserve swift and complete disclosure.”

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