Monday, May 21, 2012

What was Bolger Chief of Staff Suzanne Miller Allen’s Role in Election Fraud Scheme?

From Michigan Democratic Party:

Speaker’s COS Was Involved in a Similar Scam 10 Years Ago While Working as COS for GOP Senate Leader Ken Sikkema

LANSING – It’s all starting to unravel now for Republicans as information continues to come out about an illegal election fraud scam to put a fake Democratic candidate on the ballot in House District 76.

“We’ve known that Speaker Jase Bolger and Representative Roy Schmidt had been secretly meeting for weeks, if not months, about the scam,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “But now we’re learning that Bolger’s Chief of Staff Suzanne Miller Allen may have helped to mastermind the entire plot.”

Miller Allen was also Ken Sikkema’s Chief of Staff in 2002 when the then GOP Senate Leader was involved in a similar stunt to place fake Democrats on the ballot.  Miller Allen’s role as caucus Chief of Staff in both instances raises even more questions.

“Was this a plot 10 years in the making?” Brewer asked. “What was Miller Allen’s involvement this time? Did she help plan it? Was she the mastermind? The evidence continues to pile up that this illegal scheme had been in the works for some time. Republicans like Jase Bolger, Suzanne Miller Allen, Roy Schmidt, Pete Lund and others, need to come forward and tell the voters what they know. This illegal deception will come out at some point. They all owe it to the voters to come clean now.”

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