Thursday, June 14, 2012

MDP Canvasses Bolger’s District Door-to-Door on Election Fraud

From Michigan Democratic Party

Flier Asks What Bolger’s Role Was in the HD 76 Election Fraud Scandal

LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party took to the streets of Marshall today to canvass door-to-door in GOP House Speaker Jase Bolger’s District. The flier urges his constituents to call Bolger about the election fraud scandal in House District 76 and whether he is part of a cover up.

Last month, State Representative Roy Schmidt switched parties to become a Republican just minutes before the filing deadline at the urging and with the help of Bolger. A fake Democrat filed at the same time as Schmidt filed as a Republican and the same unknown person submitted both candidate affidavits with the Kent County Clerk. The fake Democrat, a close friend of the Schmidt family, has since withdrawn his candidacy, but not after he committed perjury on his candidate affidavit. A State Police investigation is underway.

“It’s clear election fraud took place in House District 76. What’s not been disclosed by Bolger is his role in it,” MDP Chair Mark Brewer said. “The flier we distributed today asks the questions that need to be answered. Did Bolger help recruit the fake Democrat? Was he aware of the candidate’s perjury? Did Bolger help the fake Democrat file his paperwork? It’s time for answers.”

“The voters in Bolger’s district deserve to know if he committed any crimes or if he’s part of a cover-up,” added Brewer. “We will not let up until the Speaker comes clean and tells the public what he knows. I canvassed Bolger’s neighborhood personally and met a lot of good people who are very concerned about these issues. By the way, Mr. Speaker, it looks like your hometown could use some road funding.”

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