Thursday, June 28, 2012

MDP Releases New Video: End Bolger’s Reign

From The Michigan Democratic Party:

Video Shows How Bolger’s Reign Has Been Shrouded in Controversy and Scandal
LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party today released a new video exposing GOP House Speaker Jase Bolger’s inability to lead. The video shows how the Speaker’s office has been in the middle of controversy and scandal throughout Bolger’s tenure.
“Speaker Bolger has attacked children, seniors, middle class families, the working poor, women, the list goes on and on,” MDP Chair Mark Brewer said. “Michigan has become a national punchline thanks to Bolger’s failed leadership. His office has been entrenched in scandal and controversy from day one.”
“There have been drastic cuts to public education, tax increases on those who can least afford it, an election fraud scandal, and most recently, vagina-gate,” added Brewer. “It’s time to end the Speaker’s autocratic reign. We must turn the House blue this November.”
Watch the video by visiting the link below.
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