Friday, June 01, 2012

Michigan GOP Has Worst Week of 2012 Campaign

From Michigan Democratic Party:

Bad Poll Numbers, Election Fraud, and Hoekstra Exposed as a ‘Birther’ Cap Off Worst Week of Year for Michigan GOP

LANSING – It was a bad week for Michigan Republicans. A slew of new polls show the GOP trailing in major statewide races; Congressman Thad McCotter, House Speaker Jase Bolger, and State Rep. Roy Schmidt are embroiled in election fraud scandals and investigations; and GOP frontrunner U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra is exposed as a “Birther.”

“Things could not have gone any worse for Michigan Republicans this week,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “Voters are starting to take notice of the Michigan GOP’s corruption, election fraud, scandal, and extreme political views.”

The week began with McCotter’s election fraud. The Department of State found only 244 of the nearly 2,000 petition signatures submitted to be valid.  Later in the week, GOP Attorney General Bill Schuette announced he’d be investigating Congressman McCotter for election fraud.

“The wheels are coming off the wagon for Republicans,” added Brewer. “McCotter’s election fraud and forged signatures were so blatant, not even partisan Attorney General Bill Schuette could ignore it. Couple that with Michigan State Police investigating election fraud and perjury in House District 76 – an investigation which could implicate Schmidt and Bolger – and you’ve got a statewide pattern of lies, fraud, and deceit perpetrated by Michigan Republicans.”

Things didn’t get any better on Mackinac Island with a Presidential straw poll. The overwhelming Republican crowd showed support for re-electing President Obama with the President receiving 71% of the vote compared to Romney’s 29%. Public Policy Polling also released results of a statewide Presidential and U.S. Senate poll. President Obama leads Mitt Romney 53% to 39% while Sen. Debbie Stabenow leads Pete Hoekstra by 16 points – 53% to 37%.

“And if that wasn’t bad enough, Hoekstra got himself into hot water with comments at a Tea Party forum that he wants to create a ‘Birther office’ with members of the CIA and FBI to investigate presidential candidates’ birth certificates. Does it get any more extreme?” asked Brewer. “The Michigan GOP has proven throughout the week how out-of-touch they are with Michigan’s citizens and the problems Michigan families are facing. Instead of offering solutions, they’re focused on extreme policies and election fraud. Voters are paying attention to the GOP’s antics and are showing they won’t tolerate them.”
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