Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Republicans Outraged as America Ignores Their Sham Eric Holder Contempt Vote

By: Jason Easley/Politicususa 

Republicans spent an entire day trying to get America interested in their sham Eric Holder scandal, and surprised no one by finding the AG in contempt.
By a vote of 23-17, the committee voted to send a contempt report to the full House. While that sounds like a big deal, it really isn’t when you consider if Eric Holder is found in contempt by the House, the person who will determine if Holder gets prosecuted will be Eric Holder.
This was the Republicans next to last gasp attempt to try and drum up a scandal to attach to the Obama administration before the November election. The right wing media has been pushing Fast and Furious for years only to be met with a collective yawn by the American public.
The only scandal here is that so called fiscally conservative Republicans have no qualms about wasting taxpayer money on a fishing expedition which they hope will provide the evidence they need to defeat President Obama in November.
Attorney General Holder has earned the wrath of the right for his aggressive pursuit of stand your ground laws, and voter ID cases. AG Holder has been vigilant in his protection of voting rights, much to the dismay of Republicans.
The corrupt and smarmy Darrell Issa is engaging in election year politics at its dirtiest level. House Republicans knew that Obama would assert Executive Privilege over the emails that they want. (They knew this because George W. Bush did the same thing in 2001.) The truth is that the Republicans don’t care about the facts surrounding Fast and Furious.
Republicans kept screaming to America about what a sad day for democracy this was, and they were right. It was sad that the majority on a committee would abuse their power in this way. It was sad that they thought the American people were so dumb as to fall for a contrived scandal like what the Republicans were pushing.
Even the media didn’t bite on this one. Issa was probably hoping for wall to wall cable coverage, but his big moment wasn’t even large enough to make it on to C-SPAN or C-SPAN 2. Issa’s big score was shuttled off to C-SPAN 3, and the cable news networks gave the vote itself scant live coverage.
In short, even the media was bored by such overtly partisan hackery.
The whole thing was more predetermined than Wrestlemania. When Rep. Dennis Kucinich asked Chairman Issa if he was prepared to go to court to test the President’s claim of Executive Privilege over the emails, which Republicans on the committee claimed were vital evidence, Issa’s answer indicated that he was planning to find Holder in contempt without the evidence.
The House Oversight Committee found Holder in contempt without even seeing the evidence that they claimed was essential. That is how much of a rigged game this was.
The whole investigation has been nothing, but a giant political con. Republicans are desperate for a scandal to attach to Obama, but they have been so shallow and transparent in their tactics that everyone knows what they are up to.
It isn’t working. No one cares, but Issa’s political fishing trip will continue to waste taxpayer dollars until the November election.
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But the only smoke being generated here is coming from the tax dollars being burned by Issa and his desperate band of partisan hacks.

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