Monday, July 16, 2012

Four Questions John McCain Needs to Answer before Leaving Michigan

From Michigan Democratic Party
MDP Chair Brewer Challenges McCain to Put ‘America First’ and Level with Michiganders about Romney’s Tax Returns
LANSING – While Senator John McCain is campaigning in Michigan on behalf of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, MDP Chair Mark Brewer is challenging the 2008 Republican nominee to answer four important questions about the man he passed over to be his running mate four years ago:
  1. You are one of the only people ever to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns. He gave you 23 years’ worth of returns. What is he hiding?
  2. When you set up your running mate criteria and asked your finalists to submit records for vetting, how many years’ worth of tax returns did you require them to turn over? Was it more than one?
  3. Knowing what you know now about Governor Palin’s political liabilities – and also knowing what is hidden in Governor Romney’s tax returns – would you still have picked Governor Palin over Governor Romney as your running mate?
  4. Do you believe you had some sort of unique right to see Governor Romney’s tax returns before making your Vice Presidential decision – a right that does not extend to the voters of Michigan, who are making a decision about a President? Do you believe the voters of Michigan aren’t capable of making the same informed decision that you made?
Romney’s stubborn refusal to release more than his 2010 tax returns and 2011 estimate continues to dog him, with a number of prominent Republicans joining the chorus for greater disclosure over the weekend.
“As the man who ultimately chose former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin over Romney in 2008, McCain is in the unique position to tell us exactly what information may be contained in Romney’s tax returns,” Brewer said. “The man whose campaign slogan was ‘America First’ should be willing to share what he knows with the American people.”
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