Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MDP Chair Mark Brewer Issues Statement on Kent County Prosecutor’s Report on Roy Schmidt Election Scandal

From the Michigan Democratic Party:
Prosecutor Finds Speaker Bolger and Rep. Schmidt Schemed to “Perpetrate a Fraud on the Electorate”
LANSING – Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer issued the following statement on the findings of Kent County Prosecuting Attorney William Forsyth from his investigation into the Roy Schmidt scandal:
”It’s clear from today’s report by Prosecuting Attorney Forsyth that Speaker Bolger has been lying to the public and to the press since this scandal began. Based on the text messages and phone calls that Forsyth uncovered, Bolger and his top staff, including Chief of Staff Suzanne Miller Allen, Deputy Chief of Staff Phil Browne, spokesperson Ari Adler and their legal counsel were all involved in this scheme right from the beginning, despite their contemptuous protests to the contrary.
“Forsyth’s condemnation of Bolger and Schmidt — saying he was ‘embarrassed and offended’ as a fellow Republican — shows just how despicable their actions were. Given the fact that the people of Michigan can no longer rely on anything that comes out of his mouth, Speaker Bolger should step down immediately from leadership in the House.
“Even as Forsyth has wrapped up his investigation, we will continue to press this issue forward. There are possible campaign finance violations, civil liability and violations of House rules involved, and we expect those allegations to be investigated fully.”
The complete Forsyth report is available here:http://michigandems.com/forsythdecision.pdf.
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