Friday, July 20, 2012

Michigan GOP Costs Taxpayers $650,000 With Wasteful Election in 11th Congressional District

From Michigan Democratic Party
Party of “Fiscal Responsibility” Forces Special Primary Election for Lame-Duck Representative
LANSING – Michigan’s taxpayers were the losers today as five Republicans filed to run for U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter’s vacant seat in the 11th Congressional District and forced a Sept. 5 primary election that will cause administrative nightmares for local election officials and cost $650,000 or more.
“Michigan Republicans are entirely to blame for this tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars in the 11th Congressional District,” said Brewer. “First, Congressman Thad McCotter decided to quit on his constituents and force a special election for the remainder of his term. Then, five Republicans filed today to run for the seat, forcing a wasteful primary election to be held on Sept. 5. The actions of Michigan Republican Party — the party that claims to support fiscal responsibility — are causing this situation, which will result in taxpayers footing the bill to the tune of $650,000.”
Dave Curson filed with 2,000 signatures yesterday as the only Democratic candidate on the special election ballot. The following Republicans will contend for their party’s nomination to fill out the remaining two months of McCotter’s term after the special election on Nov. 6: Kerry Bentivolio, Nancy Cassis, Kenneth Crider, Carolyn Kavanaugh and Steve King.
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