Thursday, July 26, 2012

MLive Poll: More Than 95 Percent of Readers Reject Bolger’s “Evasive” Excuse, Think He Lied

From The Michigan Democratic Party
LANSING — Respondents to an MLive online poll yesterday voted overwhelmingly — 96 percent to 4 percent — that House Speaker Jase Bolger “did not provide a truthful response” when questioned about his involvement in an election fraud scheme with Rep. Roy Schmidt.
“Even though Bolger has embarked on a pseudo-apology media tour designed to repair his tarnished image, the people of Michigan just aren’t buying it,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “When he told reporters he didn’t know anything about the scheme other than what he was reading, he failed to mention that what he was reading was his own cell phone, which he used to mastermind the entire plot. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and he lied to cover it up. Until he steps down from leadership, he will have no credibility with Michigan voters.”
View the online poll here:
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