Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Question for Governor Snyder: Should Mitt Romney Continue to Hide His Tax Returns?

From The Michigan Democratic Party
LANSING — With an ever-increasing drumbeat of conservative pundits and GOP leaders calling for Mitt Romney to follow his father’s example and release his tax returns, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer today called on Gov. Rick Snyder to declare his position on the issue.
“Governor Rick Snyder works in a building named for another Republican Governor of Michigan, George Romney, who established the precedent of releasing multiple years of tax returns when running for President,” said Brewer. “Will Governor Snyder join Mitt Romney in rejecting that legacy of transparency and accountability? Or will he join the growing chorus of Republicans who believe that Mitt Romney should release his taxes and allow Michigan voters the chance to make an informed decision?”
Over the past several days, an increasing number of Republican and conservative voices have called on presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to release his tax returns for public scrutiny.
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and Alabama Governor Robert Bentley have called for Romney to release his returns, and even Texas Governor Rick Perry said that Romney should be “as transparent as [he] can be.”
On Tuesday, the editors of the National Review posted an editorial titled “Release the Returns,” and prominent Republicans and conservatives including former RNC Chair Michael Steele, columnist George Will, columnist Bill Kristol, and even Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul have joined the chorus.
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