Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CNN Hosts Confront Director Of Anti-Obama Film About Falsehoods In Movie

From Media Matters:
From the August 27 edition of CNN's Starting Point:

ROLAND MARTIN (CNN contributor): Just curious -- how do you deal with folks who lie? So, for instance, I heard one of the women say, "Oh my God, taxes have gone up."  You look at the stimulus bill, actually, 40 percent of that is actually tax cuts.  So when you look at analysis of what has happened, taxes have actually -- they have not gone up. So when somebody lies in the film, what do you do?
STEPHEN BANNON (conservative filmmaker): These are called voters.
MARTIN: No, no -- right. But they also lie.
BANNON: Remember, voters can be low-information voters, they could be mid-information voters. We went and took a pool of voters, right, who voted for President Obama, who are active in the voter pool today, registered voters who are likely to vote. Some said they're not going to vote because they may not vote for President Obama. But we got their feelings. Some of them had information that's not absolutely perfect. I mean, some -- a lot of them didn't know a lot about Obamacare.
MARTIN: But if somebody lies, why include the lie?
SOLEDAD O'BRIEN (host): So it sounds like you're saying it doesn't matter to you if the information of the voter is accurate or if it's --
BANNON: No, it matters. But when they're talking about their own personal beliefs, some of that is in there. Absolutely.
O'BRIEN: So -- but taxes going up isn't a personal belief. It's a fact, right? So --
BANNON: Well, it's a -- it was a belief of hers.
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