Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For Hoekstra, GOP’s Anti-Woman Policy Platform Reflects His Positions

From The Michigan Democratic Party:
GOP Adopts Out-of-Mainstream Positions on Women’s Choice Today in Tampa, But Hoekstra Wants More
LANSING – In adopting the Republican National Committee’s official policy platform today, Republican Party leaders in Tampa confirmed what most political observers already knew: that the GOP is more concerned with appealing to an out-of-touch and fringe social agenda than getting middle-class families back to work.
The GOP’s platform officially confirmed that party leaders agree with the policy position of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin: the right to choose should be outlawed even for victims of rape and incest. And the GOP’s U.S. Senate candidate from Michigan, Pete Hoekstra, not only agrees with this position but his own agenda is even more extreme.
Statement from Mark Brewer, Chair of Michigan Democratic Party:
“Pete Hoekstra has spent his entire career fighting to turn back the clock on women’s health care and now he wants to bring that fight to the U.S. Senate. Today, the GOP adopted some of Hoekstra’s anti-women positions, like taking away rape victims’ right to choose. But Hoekstra’s voting record shows he also wants to make birth control illegal and give a woman’s boss the power to make the most personal of health care decisions for her. What the GOP did today is bad for Michigan, but you can be sure if Hoekstra gets his way things would get even worse.”
While in Congress, Hoekstra sought to control the most personal family decisions from his seat in Washington, D.C.:
  • Hoekstra co-sponsored seven different pieces of “personhood” legislation that would not only outlaw choice for rape victims, but also make birth control illegal.
  • He also supports legislation to allow women’s bosses to deny them any health care service — including mammograms, maternity care and other preventative care — for any reason.
  • And Hoekstra even went so far as to vote to ban abortion for women serving in the military who are victims of rape.

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