Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fox News Contributor Says Female Press Jealous They Couldn’t Bag A Rich Guy Like Ann Romney Did (VIDEO)

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Liz Trotta is a Fox News ‘contributor.’ Of course, in Fox-ese that means ‘right wing apologist and talking point supplier.’ Yesterday she went on air to discuss why Ann Romney is perceived as out-of-touch; you might think it’s because of things Ann Romney has said, but that’s because you are naive. The real reason is jealousy.
Yes jealousy. The female members of the press are all engaging in class envy, because unlike Ann Romney, they failed to reel in the rich husband, that every gal dreams of:
“Recently the lefty WAGs [wives and girlfriends] went on about Romney’s $1,000 blouse, a scandal. But the $7,000 jacketMichelle Obama wore to Buckingham Palace drew only approving nods from her fans in the left-wing media.”
Ann wore the blouse to do a television show, Michelle Obama wore the jacket as a representative of the United States meeting the Queen of England…Oh and the same people (Fox) that pointed out how much the jacket cost, criticized Obama for not dressing well enough to meet the Queen the first time. Of course.
But Liz Trotta had more to say:
“Don’t try to make any sense of this hypocrisy. For with their inborn sense of class warfare — as well as their funny clothes — the ladies of the press really believe they are acting on principle, except that the principle is driven by envy, envy of a woman who managed to do exactly what their mothers told them, although they would never admit it: marry a good, preferably rich man; raise your children full time and dress like a lady.”
This is actually a pretty standard piece of psy-ops for Fox News; the words are crafted to dismiss the discussion of Ann Romney’s charmless elitism, by making any notice of it the real problem. And you loyal viewers, you wouldn’t want to be like those tacky, desperate old maids in the press corp, would you?
In one fell swoop, she manages to turn a group of women who chose a career in journalism, into a cluster of Jan Bradys, bitter because their prettier sister (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”) got asked to the prom, and they didn’t.
Then add in the kicker: Class warfare. Fox hammers away at it, because the man they’re trying to sell is wealthier than the last eight presidents combined. And that include 2 Bushes. When they talk about class envy, it’s always a smokescreen; we could all use more money. And I’ll wager that thereare plenty of people who, if given the unlimited resources Ann Romney has been given, would be every bit as superficial and self-indulgent as she is; But I doubt any of them are in the press pool, following presidential candidates and their wives around. People who take jobs like that, usually are aware of how politics shapes our world, and you don’t take a job analyzing politics, if your secret ambition is to play dress-up with a horsie.

But here’s a thought: If what Trotta disdainfully refers to “inborn sense of class warfare,” is real, isn’t that really just a survival instinct? We also possess “inborn” reactions to loud noises, extreme heat, unpleasant smells…The human body has myriad “inborn” reactions to outside stimuli, both bad and good. Maybe there’s something to that. And I’m glad we have the women (and men) of the press who have the temerity to point out the danger to the rest of us.
Of course with the right in general, and Fox in particular, there’s always a significant amount of projection involved. It is easy to dismiss actual journalists as jealous agenda-driven class warriors, when your job is to cloud the water’s of journalism with your class conscious agenda.
Here’s the video:

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