Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Moments in the Passive Voice: Auto Rescue an “Historical Event that Got Done”

From the Michigan Democratic Party:
In Marked Break from the RNC Norm, Gov. Rick Snyder Tells the Truth Twice on Same Day
LANSING – During a painful exchange during NPR’s coverage of the Republican National Convention last night, Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder tortured the English language to try to stay on the Romney-Ryan script that President Obama must never receive credit for anything, before finally conceding that the auto rescue — which has fueled Michigan’s economic recovery — was indeed an “historical event that got done.” He later acknowledged that the auto rescue “did work in terms of keeping Chrysler and GM going, which was important.”
It was the second time yesterday that Snyder was caught telling the truth. Earlier in the day, during an interview with Tom Brokaw on MSNBC, Snyder undercut Romney’s repeated lie that President Obama is “gutting” welfare-to-work rules. In fact, the Obama administration’s waivers don’t weaken welfare-to-work requirements — they strengthen them by requiring states to move at least 20 percent more people to work.
You can listen to the exchange here:
Transcript of Gov. Rick Snyder on NPR Tuesday Evening
Host: Now though isn’t some of [Michigan’s] comeback due to the auto industry bailout championed by President Obama, and that Governor Romney opposed.
SnyderWell if you look at, the auto bailout was something that needed to happen in some fashion. There were others ways to do it. I really say it is a(n) historical event that got done. And the question is, look at what the companies did to bring themselves back and the people in those companies, the hard work of bringing the auto industry back and it is not just autos in Michigan, agriculture is doing well, tourism, a lot of great things are going on to really cause a reinvention. And that is why we’re the comeback state.
Host: But I wonder how Governor Romney’s opposition to that bailout goes over with the public there. And then it’s interesting to note that Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate, voted for the bailout.
Snyder: Well again I think too much time is spent on the bailout. It was something that got done. It did work in terms of keeping Chrysler and GM going which was important, but as a practical matter Michiganders (are) there all the time. It’s the same issue in 2010 is they’re interested in listening to someone talk about what is going be done to create jobs today and tomorrow and create a bright future for our kids and Romney and Ryan have a strong platform to make that happen. And that’s what’s really on people’s mind.
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