Thursday, August 16, 2012

MDP: Justices Should Disclose What They Know About Fake Supreme Court Candidate

From Michigan Democratic Party:
Detroit Free Press Reveals Mindy Barry, “Taxpayer Party” Candidate, as Longtime GOP Activist Who Clerked for Chief Justice Young
LANSING – Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer has requested that Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Young Jr., Justice Stephen Markman and Justice Brian Zahra provide full disclosure about their knowledge and involvement in the candidacy of Taxpayer Party Supreme Court candidate Mindy Barry, a longtime Republican activist, donor and voter that formerly clerked for Young, according to a recent report by the Detroit Free Press.
“Public confidence in elected officials has been severely shaken by the criminal petition fraud scandal surrounding now former Congressman Thad McCotter and the election-rigging scheme of House Speaker Bolger,” said Brewer in a letter to Young, Markman and Zahra. “Barry’s candidacy appears to be another GOP sham intended to deceive voters.”
Barry, who formed her committee the day before the Taxpayer Party’s convention, is its first and only Supreme Court candidate in that party’s history. Barry has indicated she intends to raise and spend less than $1,000. However, Barry is no political neophyte, having worked as a Republican staffer in Congress for several years, donated to Republican Clark Durant, voted in Republican presidential primaries and worked for Young.
“Barry is running as a sham candidate simply to draw votes away from the other female candidates in the race,” Brewer said. “She’s a longtime GOP political operative who isn’t making any effort — other than getting her name on the ballot — to win votes. Young, Markman and Zahra owe the voters full disclosure of their role in her candidacy.”
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