Friday, August 31, 2012

MDP Launches Website to Keep Michigan Voters Informed

From The Michigan Democratic Party:
LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party today launched a new website,, to keep Michigan voters informed about Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt’s scheme to rig a House election and the subsequent cover-up, which is now being investigated by a one-person grand jury in Ingham County.
“With new developments emerging every week or so in Bolgergate, we believed it was important to keep the public up to date on the investigation into Speaker Bolger and Roy Schmidt’s schemes,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “With, we are empowering citizens to get involved and demand action from their representatives in Lansing. Speaker Bolger now has the cloud of a grand jury investigation hanging over his head, and his continuing to cling to power is an embarrassment to the institution. The time for half-hearted apologies is over; the time for him to step down from leadership is now.”
The website includes videos, news stories, editorials from across the state, responses to the scandal from other elected officials, reports and documents on the investigation, as well as citizen action items including a petition and a link to contact legislators.
“This is not just an issue for voters in Kent, Kalamazoo or Calhoun counties,” said Brewer. “This is an issue for all Michigan voters because Bolger is the leader of the House Republican Caucus, fifth in line to become Governor. He sets the legislative agenda, but he also sets the tone. Throughout this process, he has shown contempt for the voters, by first attempting to rig an election, then lying to the public about his involvement and finally trying to blame others for his unethical conduct. When voters head to the polls this November, they should know the whole truth about Jase Bolger, and that’s our goal with”
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