Monday, August 06, 2012

Republican Congressional Candidate Compares Obama To Mass Murderers

By Rebecca Leber/Think Progress
Dr. Marisha Agana, a pediatrician, is challenging incumbent Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) in the newly drawn Ohio District 13. The Republican candidate is a staunch conservative who believes that “this government has already planted the seeds of this kind of autocratic takeover of our lives.” But on Sunday, Agana went a step further and compared President Obama to Hitler on her Twitter account. She later apologized for the analogy and claimed that the Tweet was a reference to his pro-choice beliefs:
Agana describes herself as “pro-life without exceptions,” though this isn’t the first time a candidate has invoked Hitler to condemn abortion. In May, a N.Y. state Senator Ruben Diaz (D),compared pro-choice advocates to “murderers, assassins, and criminals.”
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