Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Visits Michigan as Special Interests Pressure Michigan Courts to Prevent Collective Bargaining Vote

From Michigan Democratic Party:
“Corporate Special Interest Badger Man” Character Trails Walker Through Michigan
LANSING – As corporate special interests are “badgering” Michigan’s courts to keep collective bargaining off the ballot, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker campaigned in Michigan today — with “Corporate Special Interest Badger Man” hot on his heels.
“It’s hard to believe that Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s governor who fought against working families and collective bargaining in his own state, is now stumping here in Michigan,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “His timing and status as the poster child for corporate special interests couldn’t be worse, as Governor Snyder and Attorney General Schuette are attempting to silence voters on the question of collective bargaining. Voters should stand up to the corporate special interests that are trying to pressure the courts against a vote.”
Walker campaigned for the Romney/Ryan campaign at the Cityscape Events Center in Kalamazoo and the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids today. The Michigan Democratic Party’s “Corporate Special Interests Badger Man” followed Walker and shared information with voters about how corporate special interests are pressuring Lansing politicians and the courts to keep the issue of collective bargaining off November’s ballot.
Walker won a heated recall election in June, after igniting public outcry over his controversial plans to eliminate collective bargaining rights for working people in Wisconsin. Amway heir and CEO Dick DeVos helped secure Walker’s victory in the recall election by contributing a whopping $250,000 to Walker’s massive $30.5 million campaign, which was heavily influenced by out-of-state corporate special interests.
DeVos has also donated substantial funds to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, which opposes Protect Our Jobs, a campaign to win collective bargaining rights for Michigan’s working families.
Now Attorney General Bill Schuette and Governor Snyder are engaging in unprecedented actions to prevent this measure from being placed on the ballot and deny citizens their right to vote. Schuette submitted a faulty and politically motivated opinion to the Board of Canvassers opposing the measure, directly contradicting a 2004 decision he supported as a member of the Court of Appeals.
Last week, the Board of Canvassers deadlocked along party lines when considering the initiative and yesterday, the Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on the initiative’s future.
The Protect Our Jobs initiative is no different than any of the constitutional amendments considered in recent years, such as stem cell research and affirmative action. The proposal adds one new section to the constitution and amends another.
On Tuesday, the Michigan Democratic Party released a new television commercial, “Law,” which encourages Michigan citizens to stand up to the corporate special interests. Voters can visit to sign a petition to protect their voice, as well as learn more about collective bargaining.
Collective bargaining benefits us all by bringing workers and management together to negotiate fair wages and benefits, safer working conditions and protection from arbitrary decisions by employers.
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