Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corrupt Speaker Jase Bolger Endorses Michigan Supreme Court Candidate Colleen O’Brien

From The Michigan Democratic Party:
O’Brien Hid Endorsement After Winning GOP Nomination
LANSING – Now that she has won the Republican nomination, former insurance industry attorney Colleen O’Brien is trying to hide her endorsement from House Speaker Jase Bolger, who is spending time in front of another judge — Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, the one-woman grand jury investigating Bolgergate.
“It appears that Colleen O’Brien is trying to Etch-a-Sketch away her profile, including the endorsement of House Speaker Jase Bolger, who is currently under grand jury investigation for attempting to rig an election and then covering up his involvement,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “What is she trying to hide? Does she support the corrupt Speaker or will she renounce his endorsement? The voters are entitled to know.”
As recently as Sept. 12, O’Brien’s campaign website included an extensive list of endorsements that included Bolger. The current version of O’Brien’s website contains no list of endorsements. However, you can view a cached version of O’Brien’s endorsement page here:
Each day this week the Michigan Democratic Party will highlight another instance of corruption from Justices Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra, as well as from fellow GOP candidate O’Brien. Yesterday the MDP filed a complaint against Markman for unethical campaign conduct in speaking to an Oakland County Republican Party’s 400 Club breakfast fundraiser, an event that highlighted Markman’s attendance on the invitation.
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