Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wages of Sin: Bolger Re-election in Doubt

From Michigan Democratic Party:
MIRS Poll Shows House Speaker in Statistical Dead Heat in Supposedly Safe District
LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party today released the following statement on reports that a poll by MIRS/Practical Political Consulting found House Speaker Jase Bolger is in trouble with voters of the 63rd House District.
“His attempt to rig an election has dimmed prospects for Jase Bolger’s own re-election,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “According to a recent poll of likely voters in the 63rd House District, Bolger’s lead is now within the margin of error in what the pollster calls an ‘almost safely Republican’ district.”
Despite the district having a 57 percent GOP base, MIRS decided to test the Speaker’s numbers since a grand jury began looking into possible criminal conduct by Bolger.
Along with Rep. Roy Schmidt, Bolger is currently being investigated by a one-person grand jury in Ingham County for a scheme to recruit a fake candidate, who committed perjury, to run against Schmidt and then cover up their involvement.
“The stench of Jase Bolger’s disdain for democracy has wafted over from Grand Rapids and settled over his home district,” said Brewer. “Independent-minded voters aren’t buying Bolger’s lame attempts to rationalize his unethical conduct, and they are turning away from him in droves. No matter what comes out of the grand jury, Bolger is now in a fight for his political future.”
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