Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will the Bolgergate Grand Jury Call Attorney General Bill Schuette?

From Michigan Democratic Party:
What Did Romney’s Michigan Campaign Chairman Discuss with Rep. Roy Schmidt? Did Schuette Obstruct Justice?
LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette should be called in the Bolgergate grand jury investigation because of a text message he sent to state Rep. Roy Schmidt the morning after the filing deadline.
Schuette, Mitt Romney’s Michigan Campaign Chairman, rejected calls to reopen the investigation, despite the fact that a Michigan State Police detective believed there was probable cause to look into whether Schmidt and Bolger had committed crimes in recruiting fake candidate Matt Mojzak to run against Schmidt, helping Mojzak to file a fraudulent candidate affidavit and then covering up their involvement in the scheme.
“In the Bolgergate case, it looks like Attorney General Bill Schuette neglected his duty and may have obstructed justice,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “What did Schmidt and Schuette discuss after Schuette’s text message? When Schuette and Schmidt spoke on May 16, there already was widespread news coverage about the fake Democrat. Did they discuss it? Did they discuss the calls for an investigation? People deserve to know.
“This highly inappropriate communication should be investigated fully. At a minimum, this communication casts a cloud over Schuette’s decision not to continue the Bolgergate investigation when the local prosecutor brought it to a close prematurely. It is unprecedented to have a Michigan Attorney General communicating privately with one of the targets of a criminal investigation.”
Schuette sent the following text message to Schmidt on the morning of May 16:
“Roy. Bill Schuette here. Call when you can (phone number redacted). Thanks.”
Text messages obtained by the Michigan State Police reveal that in the days leading up to the deadline for Mojzak to withdraw his fraudulent candidacy, Schmidt and his son, Ryan, repeatedly assured a nervous Mojzak that there was no investigation. Did Schmidt know that because Schuette told him?
When asked if Schuette would reopen the investigation, a Schuette spokesperson told theDetroit Free Press,”It’s not our practice to second-guess prosecutors once they have concluded an investigation.”
Voters can view all of the publicly available documents and media reports on the scandal
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