Wednesday, October 31, 2012

145 letters: Reaction to The Des Moines Register’s presidential endorsement

From A Better Iowa:

Following are letters from Iowa residents that were sent through the Letters submission form on Saturday and Sunday regarding The Register’s presidential endorsement.
The Register endorses Mitt Romney? Seriously? Is it new ownership or just temporary insanity? I’m old enough to still subscribe to a physical newspaper, but if I have to put up with this foolishness I might just reconsider whether or not I can live without the familiar rustle of paper with my coffee. Iowa is a moderate State full of moderate people. And we like it that way. If the Des Moines Register thinks that going all “Fox News” is going to increase circulation, I think you have made an error in judgment.
– Don Frank, Des Moines
The Register’s presidential endorsement (“Mitt Romney Offers a Fresh Economic Vision,” October 28, 1OP) was based not on a thoughtful critique of Obama leadership but instead on a misguided expectation that the Oval Office can cure the nation’s economic ills; on a myopic assessment of progress that measures economic growth in isolation from civil rights, water and air quality, international diplomacy and homeland security, and healthcare accessibility; and — most disturbingly — on a dangerous gamble that a future Romney will replicate his 2003-2007 Massachusetts self. A candidate who “tacks to the right” for four years to win nomination in August and then flip-flops on critical issues in October is exhibiting not leadership but manipulation. While I respect the editorial board’s opinion, it is not, in my opinion, your “best thinking.” Hope still trumps fear.
– Beth Wilson, Des Moines
The Des Moines Register could probably publish a special edition of letters from readers who were shocked at seeing the Mitt Romney endorsement in the October 28 Opinion section of the paper.
The Sunday Review section of the October 28 New York Times has a number of Opinion pieces that state so clearly the reasons to re-elect Barack Obama and the reasons not to elect Mitt Romney. It was refreshing to read positive, decisive information that does make sense for re-election.
There is one very easy way to disavow the Registers endorsement and that is to vote for Barack Obama in such numbers that it will help Iowans look like we are smarter than a poorly thought out endorsement.
– Glenna Munson, Urbandale
I have subscribed to the daily and Sunday Des Moines Register for over thirty years. I have stuck with the paper through a number of editors. Some coverage I agreed with and some I didn’t, but I always believed there were good editorial reasons behind the decisions. I got a good sense of this upon reading other papers when traveling.
The direction of the paper in the last couple years has been difficult to understand, much less defend. News that would ordinarily command the front page has been buried in the back. People depend upon the paper to give due weight to the issues of the day. When the editorial policy commands that the front page is almost exclusively Iowa-centric, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the paper has turned very provincial. What really hurts is when the front page is covered with relatively trivial news. Then I must turn to the internet for a sense of what is newsworthy.
Some stories have been greatly ignored. The only way one would know is by reading other periodicals or viewing television. Most noteworthy for me was Rupert Murdoch’s scandals in England. At the height of the story, all of England was in turmoil and the story consumed their media. The major US television networks gave great coverage and newspapers in this country such as the New York Times and the Washington Post covered this story on their front pages to a comprehensive degree. I was shocked at the very scant coverage in the Register. It almost seemed you were suppressing this news.
There are many problems I see with your handling of the Obama interview on background, your resurrecting a deprecating trivial piece about Obama visiting the State Fair run in mid-October, and your endorsement of Romney. I won’t belabor this. I am not a “take my ball and go home” person. But your poor editorial decision making in all three of these matters was the final straw. It galvanized my decision to discontinue my subscription. I’ll miss having the paper every day, but I’ve missed the sense of journalistic responsibility the paper used to have.
– Dr. Chris Siebrasse, Stuart
Don’t even try explaining to us how you can devote so much space to children going hungry in Iowa and then endorse Mitt Romney–because we have cancelled our subscription. Romney and Ryan don’t see a safety net for folks trying to feed their kids; they see a hammock where lazy folks recline. No one in their right mind would call you a liberal newspaper anymore.
– Jae Retz and Roberta Till-Retz, Iowa City
The exact people you are endorsing would happily eliminate women’s health choices. You are getting in bed with religious zealots and lunatics.
– Jim Leonard, Iowa City
The Register has not just endorsed Romney for President. You have effectively given in to the destructive agenda of the Tea Party. One of their strategies from the beginning was to create such a degree of partisanship that it would be impossible for Obama to govern. So, you endorse Romney in the hopes that the Tea Party will cooperate with this man, since he dutifully spouted off much of their divisive and cruel ideas. And maybe, just maybe gridlock will be broken in Congress.
But, Romney has gone down in history as the biggest flip floppers America has ever seen. Will he really help the middle class? Will he deny women access to abortion and birth control? Does he really want peace instead of war? Can he create more jobs than Obama? What will he do to the safety nets that seniors depend on?
Endorsing Romney means saddling the middle class, poor and seniors with paying off the debt of two wars waged on a credit card and a bail out for Wall Street because they are too big to fail. Even now, they are playing the same shell games because no one has gone to jail and they are still too big to fail. And Romney will gladly allow Uncle Sam to bail them out again to further line his own pockets and those of his cronies.
– Cherie Mortice, Des Moines
To the editorial staff, Rehka Basu excepted,
I am canceling the subscription to the Des Moines Register I have had for many years. I cannot trust the validity of the news conveyed by an editorial staff that endorses a power-hungry candidate for president who dons a different set of principles like a set of clothing every morning. The Register has abandoned the health and welfare of needy children which, ironically, it chronicled recently, of women, and of the middle class in general. It has put the United States’ international standing on very uncertain footing.
The last time the Register endorsed a Republican candidate for president was the 1972 election. How did that work for you?
– Kathy Penningroth, Oxford
Dear Editorial board,
I’m really disappointed in your endorsement of Romney for President. I really don’t follow the two enough to develop a strong argument but have these thoughts.
• Have you forgotten just how bad we were off 4 years ago and the nightmare 8 years before that.
• Your economic argument feels like the company and board of directors who are only worried about the next quarter earnings. The cost of the inequality in our financial world that Romney represents and his party would advance is devastating in the long run.
• You bury at the end of your argument the thought that we can’t ‘rewind the clock’ … etc. Really? My opinion is the long term damage Romney choices could make far outweigh any short term economic gains.
• Think about his and party’s views on the military.
The cynic in me says the endorsement would have been different if your board were not predominantly male … please invite Rekha to your meetings.
– Tim Andersen, Polk City
As a recent new and returned resident of Iowa, having been out of the state for 30 + years, I was looking forward to the political process in a state that I remembered for electing a recovering alcoholic (Harold Hughes), and a Democratic Governor in the face of Bush-o-nomics (Chet Culver). When I read the recent endorsement by the Register for Mitt Romney I was initially surprised until I read the sidebar article that explained the previous endorsements of the Register – then all was clear.
In 1972, the Register endorsed Richard Nixon – for those of you too young to remember he was the first President to resign in disgrace in 1974 since the founding of our Republic – almost two years after the election . He was also a candidate who continually shifted his opinions, in multiple elections, until he came close to the positions that he thought the American people would buy (see Google: Joe McGinnes). For that reason he was called “Tricky Dick”. Sound like anyone you know ?
Nixon opened the doors to what was called Red China – Mr. Romney blew those doors wide open in order to build the Chinese economy by export of jobs to China.
Nixon also had a secret plan, with no details, to end the war in Vietnam – and how did that work out ?; Mr. Romney has a secret plan to fix the economy, with no details – both are equally mendacious and misleading.
“Tricky Mitt” – works for me. The Register editorial board – not so much.
– Terry Potter, Ames
I am just a regular person, hence I mean nothing to you as a long time reader of the register, and expect no response. Your endorsement of mitt Romney represents a disgusting betraying of the people of Iowa and promotion of the affluent people and commitment to class warfare, whereby the rich get richer and the poor get poor, including what’s left of the middle class. Your lack of insight into the distinct difference in ideologies only re-enforces your inability to see thru the money promoting big guys. I vow to personally and vocally boycott the Des Moines Register, it hardly being worthy to wipe my backside.
– Mike Myers, Ames
For forty-five years I was a loyal reader of the Des Moines Register. Earlier this spring I was forced to cancel my subscription due to the horrendous delivery service in western Iowa. Until today, I continued to buy the Sunday Register. However, now that your editorial staff has endorsed Mitt Romney, that too will have to change. I can only say two things—1) I was heartened by Rekha Basu’s column supporting President Obama, and 2) I was glad to see that my favorite writer, Richard Doak, a man of wisdom and repute, was not part of your unbelievable vetting process. You seem certain that Romney will not “adopt the reactionary agenda of the most extreme elements of the Republican Party.” Good luck with that. I see a man who will say anything to secure the party nomination, say the total opposite to sway the undecided voters, and will do everything in his power to please the money people behind him who are buying this election. Shame on the Des Moines Register. You can now change your motto to “The Newspaper Iowa Can’t Depend On.”
– Jean Conover, Mapleton
The Register is to be commended (a rose and a thank you possibly) for taking a stand in a country that allows both sides to be heard. Your endorsement is one step in the process. The voting booth will draw the final curtain.
Reading the endorsement leads one to think a vote for Mr. Romney is the best choice. Jobs are critical which is a no nonsense discussion. What appears to be missing , as else where, is the lack of details to accomplish the goals. Creating 12M jobs is no small task. Creating 12M jobs that restore the middle class with good pay and benefits is a huge task. There are job opportunities unfilled now due to unqualified workers. Education and/or being able to train on the job are critical tor reducing unemployment.
There is need for continuing fiscal responsibility. Let’s hear more on how this is to be accomplished. Continuing to cut taxes in the face of needed revenue increases and increased military spending don’t appear to be solutions to reducing the deficit.
Congress has the lowest rating ever by the American public. It’s understood a Republican house will be more accommodating to Mr. Romney. However, continuing conflicts there may not disappear. A Democratic Senate may be a reality. The current strategy of the Republicans party is to make sure the President loses his job. That is not a new threat. What is disturbing is the minority leader of the Senate states publicly this in their only mission. That must be true because bipartisanship has sunk to a new low.
Health care is a pubic issue. Those who have health care can either afford it or know it is too expensive and can’t do anything about the cost but pay it. Those who don’t have it live in the cold. Mr. Romney has not proposed a rational solution. Maybe you have to be one of the 30M without coverage to understand what it is like to be uninsured. An unhealthy workforce does not reduce the unemployment rate.
Not to be overlooked is the equal treatment for women in pay and their personal health. It is inexcusable to overlook them any longer.
No doubt Mr. Romney had successes as governor, succeeding in business, and running the Olympics. One must realize there was enormous spending by the federal government for this, jobs lost by taking over businesses and then closing them down, and not increasing taxes while governor but raising fees an inordinate number of times.
The final tally will soon be taken. Thank you for the opportunity to express these thoughts.
– John Carver, Decorah
Regarding your endorsement of Mitt Romney, I can’t help but conclude that the Register’s Editorial Board believes a faster growing economy trumps everything else. As important as that is, other “measures of a man” cannot and should not be trumped by a single factor.
– Jim Wise, Des Moines
Two years ago the Speaker of the House and the Senate Minority leader stood on the floor of their respective chambers and announced that the primary objective of the 112th Congress would be to ensure Barack Obama was a one term President. It appears they may be close to achieving that goal. Clearly what they did achieve was two years of unprecedented gridlock in which the GOP’s thirst for power dictated policy and ensured lack of economic growth.
For voters in general and specifically the Des Moines Registers editorial board to reward the Republicans for putting party before country is preposterous. By the logic of your argument, we will need to always always elect the Republican. If we don’t, the GOP will take their ball and go home until the next election. Bipartisanship can only occur if Mitt Romney is President? Not if the voters hold him and his party accountable for their failures of the last two years.
– Jay Radcliffe, Des Moines
Last night my husband said to me that the Register’s endorsement for President was to be made later that evening. He jokingly added that it would probably be Romney. I laughed and said, “I don’t think so.”
I was stunned when I opened our Sunday Register. This is my newspaper. This is Iowa’s newspaper. How can that newspaper endorse Romney when Obama is leading in the polls in Iowa and is ahead in early votes. How can it be so unaware of how Iowans feels and what Iowans expect?
As I read the editorial it seemed to be that the reason was he could get us out of our difficult economic time and he could break the gridlock in Washington. Yes, the economy is important. But, seemingly basing the endorsement on these two ideas is so simplistic. There are so many other things that tie to the economy and so many things that have caused the gridlock in Washington.
How could my newspaper endorse someone who has changed positions seemingly on every important issue in this election? How could my newspaper endorse a man who has no idea what it is to struggle financially to make your way? How could my newspaper endorse a candidate who says he’s not going to raise taxes on me, part of the middle class, when every legitimate study indicates that there’s no way he cannot raise taxes on the middle class. How can my newspaper endorse a candidate who believes in the trickle down theory? How could my newspaper……….
If Governor Romney was such a success while governor of Massachusetts why has is his own state going for Obama?
We don’t have the time for Romney to “try” his ideas and policies. I don’t like his ideas and policies and have no faith that they will be the best for the majority of the American people. Most know that it will take precious time for him to get up to speed and begin to govern. President Obama has started to turn our country around. The recovery is started and will move ahead under his leadership.
It seems Romney has charmed the Register editors. He hasn’t charmed me. I’ll never feel the same about my newspaper.
– Mary Phillips, Nevada
It is clear to many readers why you have chosen to endorse Mitt Romney for president. At first when we read your reasoning, we concluded that maybe you have hopes that he will “change” into what you think he should be. What is it he says that you actually agree with? Is it the tax cuts? Is it decreased funding for public school education? Is it his views on women’s health care rights? Is it his loyalty to the 1%? Do you speak for the Romney 1% or do you speak for the rest of us in this state?
After reading the rest of your Sunday edition, it became uncomfortably clear to us that you have been influenced strongly by the expensive conservative Republican ads you’ve published in the Register. It is amazing to many of us who are average Iowans that our most prominent newspaper for many years has caved to money. The expensive insert on the Romneys was evidence that the shadowy money behind Romney is paying out at the end now.
It makes us pause and think, “Do we want to subscribe to a paper that is this partisan?” These are not factual statements and assertions. They are not accurate and do not reflect many of our interests. It is wishful thinking in light of so many revelations that a Romney/Ryan ticket would serve the average person, regardless of where they live and in what circumstances. You are serving your own interests not the interests of readers, which sadly is not in the tradition of the Des Moines Register.
– Jim and Rosalea Ragland, Iowa City
I am neither angry, surprised nor pleased by the endorsement. Rather I am perplexed. Perplexed, for example, in light of the Register Editorial of 9/16/2012, (About that stimulus: It worked), that lauded Obama for the stimulus and even cited economist Paul Krugman’s call for more stimulus to boost the economy. Now, six weeks later, the Register Editorial,
(Mitt Romney Offers A Fresh Economic View, October 28, 2012), asserts “…the time is past for more government stimulus.” Then it cites Romney’s plan for tax breaks for the middle class and tax relief for small businesses–both forms of government stimulus. More perplexed.
Most perplexing is the statement that Romney “has recalibrated his campaign to focus on his concern for the middle class, and that is believable if the real Mitt Romney is the one on display as governor of Massachusetts who passed a health care reform plan that became the model for the one passed by Congress.” That’s Obama care that Romney has vowed to eliminate. If the editorial writer(s) are so unsure of whom the real Mitt Romney is that they include their qualms about him in their endorsement editorial, it is inconceivable that they would endorse him.
– Mark L. Smith, Des Moines
How quickly the Editorship of this newspaper forgets the Republican intentional “one term only” stonewalling, often to the detriment of U.S. citizens and progression of jobs and the economy, of President Obama and analytical thinkers
So, others readers, consider
how shameful the ” reason” you give in endorsement of Mr. Romney.
– Nancy M. carter, Pella
In my opinion you were short sighted. President Obama from Day 1 of his administration was the object of the Republican Party’s efforts to frustrate his every move. After the 2010 elections we were ruled, not governed, by a minority. The Republicans controlled the House where even John Boehner could not get the votes he needed. The Republicans controlled the Senate by use of the Filibuster
No one has mentioned the unwillingness of the banking system to make loans for the first few years. No one has mentioned the impact of the European debt crisis and the slower growth in China, both of which impact our ability to export, hence less demand for jobs.
I consider Mr. Romney to be an investor, not a business person. His chief goal has been lining his own pockets at the expense of the companies acquired by Bain. .No one has asked “What jobs have your millions created and where are those jobs located? No on has asked how many of his contributions of his wealth were spent outside of his church
His approach to energy independence will be “Drill, baby, drill” no matter what the cost to the environment.
Cuts to educational expenditures, especially as pre-K or community colleges, to Pell Grants, is counter productive. Nowhere has the need for upgrading our infrastructure been mentioned in his plan..
President Obama has tried to work with the Republicans. He has supported alternative energy sources, which in Iowa, are an important part of our job growth. He believes in equal opportunities for our diverse
population. His foreign policy has been thoughtful and stable. He has earned the respect and cooperation of other nations.
I could go on for some length about why he should have a second term. Again, I believe you endorsed the wrong person to lead this country for the next four years.
– Marilyn E. Staples, Des Moines
Nixon and now Romney, sounds like the kiss of death!
– Bill Kelly, Vincent
Premonition turned into sad reality
I had a sinking suspicion that The Des Moines Register would endorse Mitt Romney when I saw the pictures you choose to print in the front page leading up to this STRANGE decision. If Mitt Romney is to be our best chance to reach across the aisle why did he choose Paul Ryan as a running mate? (I am an independent by the way.) Mitt Romney knows how to make lots of money for himself through a private equity firm while lots of little guys loose their jobs – how does this translate to an ability to help the middle class make money? When Mitt Romney scoffs at the notion of global warming I get REALLY scared. Barack Obama has the backs of the middle class and he has done his best to promote renewable energy – he is the man for a lasting future.
– Lisa Bean, Waukee
I didn’t know you could pick and choose which Romney to endorse! So, you’re not endorsing the severe conservative? You’re endorsing the Romney who passed health care reform and worked with Democrats across the aisle in Massachusetts. And
managed the Olympics with millions in federal aid. Actually, I kind of like the 2002 model Romney who said that he respected and supported a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. Can I vote for that Romney? You also write that we can’t “rewind the clock on progress for minorities, women, gays and lesbians” — but the 2012 model Romney says he will do just that. You also support President Obama’s stimulus, which 2012 Romney calls “failed” — even as he spoke at a company that received nearly $700,000 of stimulus money. You are also insisting on clean air and water, while 2012 Romney wants to gut government regulations. So maybe the ballot should have three or four “Mitt Romneys” for us to vote for and we could choose which one we want to be President. I think the one you are endorsing looks an awful lot like President Obama.
– Pamela Patton, Des Moines
Hello, Des Moines Register! Wow, you must have really wanted Governor Romney
for President. Maybe we’ll see an article soon about how we the middle class
can place our savings off shore! Or maybe explain why in one of the final paragraphs you brushed off concerns about the rights of minorities, women, gays and lesbians, immigrants, clean air and water, and clean
and renewable energy. “La, la, laaa, it will all just be taken care of…la, la, la, la, laaa.”
Is this a new television sitcom called, “Father Mitt Knows Best?”. Knowing where Romney stands on issues is like catching raindrops. I can’t catch raindrops, and I
can’t catch what Romney really means.
I’m voting for President Obama.
– Miriam Kenning, Ottumwa
ARE YOU CRAZY? I cannot believe your paper has endorsed Mitt Romney. Do you realize the similarities between Mitt Romney’s foreign affairs advisory board and those of George W. Bush? Do you WANT a war with Iran?
Do you not realize the close close academic and business ties that Mitt Romney has with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel who seems so eager to go to war with Iran. Romney and Netanyahu attended school in Boston at the same time, joined the same small consulting firm (Boston Consulting) fresh out of college, and Romney went on to work with Netanyahu’s wife at Bain Capital shortly after. Do you think Netanyahu doesn’t like the odds of us supporting him in his war against Iran if Romney wins the presidency?
More importantly, however, how can you not notice that Romney didn’t mention the word veteran one time in his Republican National Convention speech or at any time during the third debate on foreign affairs, no less … not during the debate and not during his closing statements (Obama mentioned veterans seven times, check the audio).
Seriously- which candidate is going to take the lives and safety of our veterans and soldiers more seriously? – Tim Hainds
– Tim Hainds, Sioux City
I nominate the following, from the Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, for the Lamest Argument in a Register Editorial Ever: “Romney had to tack to the right during the primary season. Since then, he has recalibrated his campaign to focus on his concern for the middle class, and this is believable . . . .” Apparently that Etch-A-Sketch trick even works on cynical journalists!
The idea that the “real” Romney was on display during the two years he functioned as Massachusetts governor (before he basically abandoned the state to run for president) is dangerously naive. What he did and said to get himself elected in a strongly blue state and to work with a massive Democratic majority in the legislature has little predictive power over how he would behave in a dysfunctional and polarized Washington DC.
– David E Timmer, Pella
According to my husband, a railroad employee with the Union Pacific Railroad & a UNION MEMBER, if Romney wins. Look for 1 man crews on the railroad. That means 1 man running the Train.
That’s a loss of a jobs!!!!
It’s because of Romney!!!!
And his Rich Cronies!
We’ll be moving out of Boone to Missouri Valley/Omaha.
Boone will be hurting!
My husband knows they will move us to Cedar Rapids or Missouri Valley.
Cedar Rapids yard has no room for the Boone crew!
The railroad is getting it all set-up over there in Missouri Valley Yard!!!
Jeff has been telling me he has big ass Trains, like 135 cars.
That’s 2 jobs.
Romney is not gonna create jobs. He’s gonna get rid of jobs!
So we’ll see after the election.
– Rebecca (Jeffery L.) Hergert, Ogden
With full page ads from American Principles Superpac lining the Register’s pockets with megacash time and time again, it is no wonder that Ms. Hollingsworth, Publisher, and editorial crew have endorsed Willard Romney. The lies and money from this PAC are more than persuasive, distort truths, and muddle clear vision. Oh well, the last time the Register endorsed a Republican (Nixon), he had to resign as President in disgrace as a criminal. Can we now forgive the editors and publisher for lack of vision clouded by megabucks? and continue
– Jim Johnson, Saint Charles
Incredible. Your support of Romney conveys a clear and frightening message: Republican obstruction does work for that party! How can you say Obama has not tried to create jobs since his initial effort? Never mind the limited but significant boost from the payroll tax cut he finally got them to accept (how could they keep rejecting a tax cut?); Obama went to Congress, and the public, last Fall with a renewed jobs program that economists say would have put a million back to work toward reviving the economy. Do you not know that the no-compromise Tea Party Republicans who controlled the House defeated this bill? Your case for Romney is no more than this: Republicans will never cooperate with Obama; more reasonable Democrats will cooperate with Romney, so we must reward obstructionist Republicans by empowering them. Have you considered what incentives this would be creating in the next Congress?
— Don Cell, Cedar Rapids
Regarding your recent Presidential endorsement.
Which Romney are you endorsing? The Romney who will “overturn Roe v Wade”, and “get rid of Planned Parenthood” or the Romney who claims to have been pro choice as governor?
The Romney who was for comprehensive health care before he was against it? The Romney who thinks that anyone can just walk in to an emergency room and get health care?
The Romney who was against bailing out Detroit before he was for it?
The Romney who said, “Yes, me too”, after every one every of President Obama’s foreign policy statements in the last debate?
The “reaching across the aisle” Romney who vetoed 800 bills while governor (over 700 of which were overturned, some unanimously), and whom the people of Massachusetts are now voting against by a 2 to 1 margin?
The Romney who will use his secret plan to magically improve the economy though the trickling-down of his personal wonderfulness?
The no tax returns before 2010 Romney?
Which version of the various Romneys are you endorsing?
If you must endorse a presidential candidate on a Sunday, I suggest that in the future you place that endorsement in the most appropriate section of your paper. In this case it should have been placed in the section with the multi-colored drawings.
– Scott Byram, Iowa City
By endorsing Romney, the Register has turned its back on Iowa’s small farmers and its wind and ethanol industries as well as any business that needs a boost from government to get underway. The one percenters have swayed the Register. Do they really need a boost?
– Keith Schulz, Burlington
I think your support of Romney is wrong. You should stay out of endorsing as you need people in both parties to buy your papers and place ads. Why do you try to sway votes with your power. I look at the choice like this-its not if we are better off now than 4 years ago its are we better off than we would have been if the election had went the other way. I say yes anyone not rich is.
– Larry Walden, Marshalltown
Everyone has a right to their own opinion. My opinion is that your endorsement of Mitt Romney for President is misguided.
– Linda Meyer, Fort Madison
I nominate the following, from the Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, for the Lamest Argument in a Register Editorial Ever: “Romney had to tack to the right during the primary season. Since then, he has recalibrated his campaign to focus on his concern for the middle class, and this is believable . . . .” Apparently that Etch-A-Sketch trick even works on cynical journalists!
The idea that the “real” Romney was on display during the two years he functioned as Massachusetts governor (before he basically abandoned the state to run for president) is dangerously naive. What he did and said to get himself elected in a strongly blue state and to work with a massive Democratic majority in the legislature has little predictive power over how he would behave in a dysfunctional and polarized Washington DC.
– David E Timmer, Pella
I was shocked to see that the Register emphatically endorsed Mitt Romney for president. The endorsement minimizes the accomplishments made by Obama in spite of overwhelming odds including a determination of Republican leaders to wreck the Obama presidency from day one. Romney’s antics at Bain Capital, his dismissal of the so-called 47 percent, his failure to respond to racist remarks by members of his Party, his opposition to Roe v Wade and measures that protect women’s health, his ignoring his party’s effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans, his surrounding himself with War Hawks who were instrumental in producing the Iraq War, should appeal only to the extremists on the Right who have taken over the Republican Party.
The good news is that fourteen of the twenty three endorsements made by the Register since 1912 have been futile.
– William H. Cumberland, Cedar Rapids
The editorial board of the Register endorsed Mitt Romney today in a long, feeble editorial with the fatuous headline, Romney has a “fresh, economic vision.” Three words flipped on their heads. “Fresh” as in recycled, “economic” as in voodoo economics, and “vision” as in delusion.
Romney will cut taxes and shrink the deficit. That’s the “fresh” part? Reagan said the same and so did Bush and both gave us larger deficits. The prescription hasn’t worked yet so let’s…do it again
Economics? Keep the big tax breaks for the really wealthy and the little tax breaks for the little people, but don’t tell us what parts of the government you’re going to cut except public broadcasting and money for Planned Parenthood (for a total of nineteen cents). Neat gambit. Dessert today, pain tomorrow.
That’s a vision.
– Mark Kane, Des Moines
OK editorial board, your head is deeply in the sand for endorsing Romney. I could never trust that man. Your right that job creation is important but that is not the President’s job. It is industry’s job and the economy will not revive for years, if ever. Most of the widely held middle class jobs in manufacturing have been shipped off shore for lower labor costs. Without these jobs the economy will continue to stagnate. Remember a company’s higher profits are the only thing that matters. Better profits fuel the rise in stock prices that benefit the high paid executives holding their company’s stock options. I feel sorry for our youth if Romney is President!
– Glen Davis, West Des Moines
Good job endorsing a man who’s entire professional career consists of outsourcing American jobs to china! Are you aware of what he did with A.C. Delco? First pirating the company that was not intended to be sold to him then closing twenty four plants in the U.S. and shipping the jobs to china! He made fifteen million dollars on this deal on the backs of U.S. tax payers and put the money in a well known tax shelter in the jersey islands off the coast of France! Is this your definition of a quote “refreshing economic policy for America”?! Great insight register! I and all of my family members are ending our subscriptions to your gossip rag forthwith! A failure on the part or this establishment! Goodbye to your credibility as a unbiased news organization!
– David Youngberg, Oskaloosa
Exactly which Romney is the Register endorsing? The smiling,
Etch-A-Sketch, empty-rhetoric-filled public campaigner? Or the man who
in private voiced disdain for half of the country—those working hard for
low wages and shrinking or non-existent benefits, retirees on Social
Security, military personnel—as people who take no personal responsibility?
The Register’s endorsement of Romney seems to rest upon his economic
“plan”—much of which (to the extent he provides any details at all) has
been discredited by independent economists as being, at best,
math-challenged. Romney’s statement that his vague policies will create
12 million jobs means nothing without foundational details. We are asked
to just trust this man who does and says nothing to earn our trust.
For those of us with chronic diseases with no known cause or cure,
Obama’s health care reform provided hope that our economic and physical
well-being would no longer be subject to the whims of our employers or
insurance companies. That’s gone if Romney is elected and has his way.
He supposedly supports the “popular” parts of reform, but those are
unsustainable without paying for them.
The Register’s vague wish that Romney not act on other “issues” provides
little solace to those targeted. His changed positions on LGBT and
women’s rights, his attitudes toward immigrants, his energy policies,
and more—all threaten lives, health, individual and family livelihoods,
and our nation’s economic well-being.
In light of the many national and global uncertainties, Romney falls
woefully short of deserving the presidency. We should not turn away from
the progress we are making under President Obama.
Jane Robinette, Urbandale
Surely Hell Hath Frozen Over. Yes, it’s true after your endorsement of Romney. But I’ll take it anyway. After all the liberal garbage spewed forth for the last decade or so, it seems you’ve somewhat seen the light. Still, I question your endorsement of Vilsack. If you had seen the debate of King/Vilsack Friday night at Carroll, IA, all I can say is if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. She rambled thru much of the debate with incoherent reasons she’s qualified and even the moderator had to stop her. Just laughable. I suggest you rethink that endorsement. I’ll vote for the person most qualified, not the party. In both of these cases, I rest my case. For BHO, investigate Benghazi – I rest my case there also. This is not over, but probably won’t be fully “brought to light” till after the elections. Buried, just like Fast & Furious. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. And people still think this guy is “trustworthy”. Surely you jest.
– Sheryl Soden, Ames
I apologize to and congratulate the DMR. Media had reported some days ago that the Register would endorse
Obama. I sent a critical email about this and you
replied that no decision had yet been made. I appreciate
you did not join AP and the main stream media in
denying Obama’s failure at home and abroad. I hope
our country can soon regain its economic power
and it’s exceptional status. Thank you
– Ronald Boyer, Cedar Rapids
It is heartbreaking to read the Register’s endorsement of Romney for President.
If, as you say, the economy is the first priority, what evidence is there that deregulation and cutting taxes for the rich is the answer? That has been tried. It offers no hope.
If foreign policy were the first priority, what hope would there be in a candidate who declares on national television that Syria is Iran’s access to the sea? Romney did. If he can’t find Iran on the map, he is hopeless on foreign policy.
Actually the starkest peril facing our planet is climate change. Romney jokes about it and advocates drilling for more fossil fuel. He wants the U.S. to be energy independent, when the U.S. doesn’t produce any energy. Energy companies do, and they sell to the highest bidder. Which doesn’t make anyone independent.
I have had my disappointments with Obama, but Romney offers no solace for these disappointments. We might survive four years of economic disaster and war (or not), but we will not survive four years of willful ignorance of a dying planet.
On the urgency of addressing environmental problems, the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN recently said, “There is no Plan B, because there is no Planet B.” I have never known the Register to be more short-sighted and insular than in its endorsement of Romney.
– Deborah Fink, Ames
The side bar by means of explanation on the endorsement of Mitt Romney: Of course the editorial board is not a democracy as publisher Laura Hollingsworth is principle and has the authority to dictate the newspaper’s position…
Would that we knew the discussion and votes of the other members of the editorial board. The Register – always seeking freedom of information by boards, courts, etc. – would do well to do the same in this regard. Otherwise, Lewis Carroll’s famous quote in ALICE IN WONDERLAND comes to mind, in the shout – “off with her head.”
— Nancy Harrison, Des Moines
Even in a political arena full of wishful thinking (12 millions new jobs!), the Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney stands out. It seems that the Register’s editorial board wants it both ways. They want to support progressive policies like protecting rights for minorities, women, gays and lesbians, giving immigrants a path to legal status, insisting on clean air and water and encouraging clean and renewable energy while still endorsing the Republican candidate who has run away from anything remotely moderate in his past. If you support progressive policies that are much more likely to succeed under a Democratic president, why don’t you just endorse the Democrat? Wishful thinking does not change the reality of the political landscape. The naivety of the Register’s editorial board is astounding.
– Jordan Scheibel, Grinnell
The fact that the Register thinks that Romney will “not squander an opportunity to build consensus in Washington by wasting time on issues that animate many in his party” is laughable. Every state government that went Republican in the 2010 elections, including the one in Iowa, has been more than eager to roll back the clock on worker’s rights, voting rights, women’s rights, and LGBT rights. Does the Register truly believe that it will be any different when Romney is working with the far-right wing Republican majority in Congress? Does the Register truly believe that a President Romney can get reelected if he has disappointed his Tea Party base?
Does the Register truly believe that the Mitt Romney who started tacking to the middle just three weeks ago in the first presidential debate is the “real” Mitt Romney? What evidence does the Register have that on any given day the “real” Mitt Romney is speaking? Is it that easy for the Register to fall for a chameleon and a charlatan?
– Jackie Dang, West Des Moines
Being somewhat surprised by your endorsement of Romney for president, I decided to carefully read it. I noted that in it was a remark that there was much Republican opposition to many of Obama’s efforts to stimulate the economy Isn’t it possible that this was the main reason our economy has not improved much? Also I wonder what sort of salaries your editors are making? I would guess that they are somewhat above what could be classified as “middle class”. Finally I noted that you did not endorse FDR in any of his 3 runs for the presidency. To much of a
– George Seifrert, Ames
That was an endorsement?
The recent endorsement of Romney by the Des Moines Register was based on the exact same things that Romney’s economic plan is based on, assumptions. The endorsement included hopes that he will lay aside important social issues and become the Romney of Massachusetts.
When Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, things were not all rosy and congenial. The major legislation he passed was health care. Getting this legislation through the Democrat Legislature was like pushing against an open door. His bipartisanship ended with that one piece of legislation.
The Democrat Legislature put forth 800 bills which Romney vetoed, of which the Legislature overrode nearly all of them, sometimes unanimously. The Republican portion of the Legislature was upset because Romney could not even remember their names.
During his short tenure he took the State of Massachusetts to number 1st in State debt, and placed 47th in job creation. His math did not add up then, and it does not add up now. He created over 1,000 fees from birth certificates to tomb stones disproportionately taxing lower income individuals.
His vaunted success at turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics by obtaining $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars that Congress poured into Utah. This amount is 1.5 times the amount spent by lawmakers to support all seven Olympic Games held in the U.S. since 1904—combined.
During the start-up years of Bain Capital, Romney also received bailout money several times before their first successful endeavor, Staples.
In other words, Romney did not build any of his so-called successes alone. He took aid wherever he could find it, and left the state of Massachusetts a mess. If you want to know which Romney will show up, the items listed should give you a good indication.
Janet K. Moore, Ankeny
I am sure your endorsement of Mitt Romney for president will elicit many responses from readers – some in favor and some in opposition. I hope you find my objection to your endorsement a carefully thought out one based on careful consideration and not on an emotional knee-jerk reaction.
As the holder of a BS in News-Editorial Journalism, I can tell you I have familiarized myself with many newspapers from around the country over the last two decades. What sets the Register apart from many of them is its very strong focus on not only local issues but how national issues affect Iowans. And yet suddenly you seem to drift from this in your endorsement for Romney. Iowans have done very well under Barack Obama’s leadership as our unemployment rate is a paltry 5.2 per cent. Furthermore, Romney has openly criticized the use of biofuel and wind energy, two important facets of Iowa’s forward-focused economy. I would expect the Wall Street Journal to endorse Romney, but not Iowa’s largest newspaper.
Another point you make is that Romney is best positioned to end the gridlock in Washington. This is like giving into the spoiled child because you tire of trying to discipline them. For the last four years the Republicans in Congress have made it their mission to oppose all of President Obama’s efforts, no matter how sensible they have been. And we’re not talking about controversial measures – we’re talking about equal pay for women, higher fuel efficiency standards for American-made cars – and the list goes on and on. Instead of holding Republicans’ feet to the fire for their reckless behavior, you ask that we give in to their tantrum, and give them a Republican leader to pacify them.
And let’s not forget that with Romney comes Paul Ryan, who will be a breath away from the Oval Office. It is now widely recognized and accepted that Ryan was one of the ringleaders of the GOP blockade of American progress, as he was present at the January 20, 2009 meeting in which Congressional Republicans vowed to make Obama’s presidency a failure. Anyone who puts their political fortune ahead of the country falls well short of the values Iowans hold dear and does not deserve our vote for high office.
– Tony Serio, West Des Moines
Register’s endorsement of Romney
On October 28, the Des Moines Register formally declared their support of Mitt Romney as a candidate for President. This endorsement is very surprising and disappointing considering that Romney is a candidate who:
** * * * declines to offer details on his plans for economic recovery or deficit reduction;
** * * * shows disdain for 47 percent of our citizens whom he labels as irresponsible takers;
** * * * views government assistance to lower-income people as inappropriate while defending corporate welfare;
** * ** *claims his business experience as a private equity CEO (making money for investors) helps prepare him for the presidency;
** * * * embraces destructive economic policies that were primarily responsible for our recent severe national recession;
* * vows to dramatically increase defense spending even when not requested by the military;
** * * * blames Obama for gridlock in Washington while ignoring rampant obstructionism by congressional Republicans;
** * * * denigrates the important role of teachers in enhancing our nation’s future;
** * * * dismisses the national and international danger of global warming;
** * * * will say anything to gain support of voters.
After enthusiastically adopting extremely conservative positions during the Republican primary, he has now decided to become “moderate Mitt.” Perhaps even the candidate does not know who the real Mitt Romney is or what he believes. Voters would be well advised to compare the radical, indecisive views of Romney with the thoughtful, responsible policies and actions of President Obama.
The Register seems comfortable endorsing a candidate who has proven to be consistently inconsistent on consequential issues, but who would work diligently to improve quality of life for the top one percent of the population at the expense of those less fortunate. Hopefully the thinking people of Iowa will make a better-informed decision on November 6.
Dean R. Prestemon, Ames
Which Mitt Romney are you endorsing, “moderate” Mitt of the past few weeks, or “extremely conservative” Mitt from before the debates? And how do you know which one will occupy the Oval Office should he win the election?
Your hope that social issues would not sidetrack a Romney presidency is naive. After months of him pandering to the Tea Partiers, they will expect him to deliver, and like most Republicans, he fears attacks from the right wing of his party.
With this endorsement, the Register jeopardizes so many other issues that it has championed over the decades, including reproductive rights, the environment, social justice, voting rights, and especially healthcare reform.
Whether Romney wins or loses, I’ll bet this will be the last time you endorse him.
– David W Kabel, Cedar Falls
I was already to cancel my subscription to the Des Moines Register because of its endorsement of Romney. Then I did homework and realized your record of correct predictions of U.S. Presidents is only 43% and decided you are wrong more that right.
I also agreed with Rekha Basu’s column, “Hands down, the leader is Barak Obama….who stands up for everybody, not just the richest and most powerful….Obama supports equality for gay people…Obama approved pay equality for women and backs reproductive rights; Obama wants immigration reform and has initiated an executive order to enable young undocumented immigrants to become legal.” Alleluia.
– Rev. Kathleen Clark, Des Moines
I’m not surprised with the Des Moines Register endorsement of Romney & Latham. The Register endorsed Hoover against FDR in 1932,also Nixon against JFK in 1960.
– John Navin, West Des Moines
I was shocked, puzzled, and, yes, even angered by your Sunday endorsement of Mitt Romney in this presidential election. The whole premise of your statement is that he would be the one with a fresh economic vision. What we have to base those conclusions on are how he made his fortune at Bain capital. That was low wages for the workers and profits going to those at the very top. Is that what he has planned to get this economy moving stronger and faster? He doesn’t say how he would accomplish this. One further point; do we really want a president with a fortune stashed away in Swiss Banks, the Cayman Islands, and who knows where else?
Your editorial states that we cannot rewind the clock on progress made for minorities, women, gays and lesbians. This should also include progress made on health care and humane immigration reform. Look at his statements and at his party platform and you will see what would happen with those issues.
I was encouraged by Rekha Basu’s column(Obama faced a huge task and has us moving forward). She spelled out one by one the reasons why Barack Obama deserves another term. She makes the powerful point that our President will stand up for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.
– Donnafred Hinman, West Des Moines
Words can barely describe how disappointing the endorsement of Mitt Romney. Not for the endorsement itself; the choosing of a candidate to support is everyone’s right. No, it’s more the WHY. The concept that you can engage in a long and spirited debate and come to the conclusion of a best candidate and at the same time discount a large portion of the individual is foolish at best. As a fore-front in the election process, Iowa has spent a remarkable amount of time hearing from (and about) Mr. Romney on a wide range of subjects. Despite his desire to focus solely on the economy, a President is not able to do so. By not addressing the whole person, you are saying that all of his other aspects are so inconsequential that they would not come into play in the next four years. I have expected better insight from the Register and have again been disappointed. Adding to this is the fact that, looking at the DM Register App on Sunday afternoon I could not find any mention of the
e endorsement. You would think that this would be one of the main stories, and just reinforces my opinion of the current state of the paper. It is important to me to read a paper that provides good news coverage, insightful and thought-provoking editorials and an overall high-quality product, and frankly I’m questioning if the Register still meets those qualities anymore.
– Mark Vollmers, West Des Moines
I find it astonishing and shocking that you would endorse an ignorant, arrogant, dishonest, thoughtless, heartless and greedy liar for president. He lies about everything—his income, his taxes, what he will do as president, or won’t do, etc. He flip-flops on everything. He has been mostly silent about what Akin and Mourdock said about rape, except that he supports their bid to hold an office that exists to work for the public good and that includes women and children who get pregnant as a result of being raped by a criminal. There is no way this statement can be excused or explained in a way that would take away its meaning. Logically that would imply that the rape was a public good. Romney is just as dishonest, if not more so, as Bush 2 was. He doesn’t care about being the president so he can help our nation and people, he wants to be president so he can be the boss and so he and those who have given him millions of dollars can make more money, no matter how many Americans lose their jobs or how polluted the environment gets.
I can only conclude that whomever is responsible for this endorsement has the same attitudes and beliefs as Romney, and I guess is or are just as ignorant and uncaring.
– Laurence Topliffe, Fairfield
I’ve written before but this time I’m serious.. I will see that all of this small town will never take this paper again if the DM Register supports Romney. How can anyone not understand that the poor people that cannot afford insurance will just die? Those that can afford it will be o.k. but he will change Medicare and have it run by the government and we will all go broke. The government can’t run what they have to do now.
What happened to the pride of the paper in always being Democrat.? Let’s see this printed.
– Bonnie Tyler, Lenox
In explaining your endorsement of Mitt Romney, you attempt to paint him as a moderate Republican. That’s wishful thinking, at best. And why should anyone believe that, with a running mate like Paul Ryan, we’ll see anything from a Romney administration but opportunism for the wealthy at the expense of economic justice and the social safety net.
– Diana Swanson, Story City
Based on the Register’s editorial staffs schizophrenic editorials over the past year. It’s of no surprise it would endorse a silly putty candidate like Mitt Romney.
It’s sad what a second class rag the Register has become compared to the Pulitzer prize winning publication it once was.
By the way, how much did you make on the Romney insert included with your endorsement?
– Joel Tonda, Knoxville
Which Mitt Romney is the Des Moines Register endorsing? The one that supports a woman’s choice or the one that doesn’t. The one that won’t raise taxes on the wealthy or the one that will. The one that thinks 47% are free loaders or the one that feels for the disadvantaged. The one that didn’t support the President’s ending the wars in the Middle East or now supports that move. The one that would give weapons to rebels in Syria but has no idea which group that should be. The Mitt Romney that closed business, put people out of work and made millions, that keeps money in off shore accounts for tax purposes or that saved the Olympic Games with a 2 billion Federal bailout money, or that balanced MA budget but doesn’t mention that it is the law in that state. This is the same paper that endorsed Richard Nixon and that turned out well. I think I will study the issues and make my own opinion on who to vote for. Thank you very much!!
– Shirley Sorenson, Urbandale
How very sad. The Register has, by endorsing Romney, just rewarded the Republicans’ partisan fiat for obstructing President Obama’s every effort to move the economy and thus the country forward and to encourage bipartisanship in the past four years. How very backward.
– Sharon Rebouche, Iowa City
You seem to give your endorsement to Romney because of his record as the Gov. of MA. Surely you’ve read that after his term, MA had fallen to 47th place in job creation, that he had given tax breaks to the wealthiest, increased college costs, and lost manufacturing jobs at twice the national average. You also seem to not find a problem with him reversing his positions throughout the campaign to the point of not knowing WHAT he stands for, nor has he explained how he intends to magically make all his promises happen. I’m shocked by the argument you make to the point of thinking that I can no longer trust your information about state news and opinions. Please cancel my/our subscription to the Des Moines Register.
– Slonneger, Mary/Ken, Iowa City
– Dr Robert Coates, Mason City
By endorsing Romney and his policies, the Register is also embracing the Republican agenda that places the privileged ahead of the poor, money ahead of the environment and ignorance ahead of the rights of women, gays and minorities.
– Marc Ward, Des Moines
Shame! You have thrown in with the anti-science flat earthers: Anti stem cell, anti choice, anti climate change, anti evolution.
A bunch of complete freaking dolts. The horror.
– Jim Leonard, Iowa City
If previously there were any doubt, the Des Moines Register has deemed itself irrelevant with its endorsement of Governor Romney.
Newspapers are supposed to be in the business of reporting facts and truth. But by endorsing a shameless liar who bears no regard for either, the Register’s editorial board is at best woefully ignorant of the realities of the Romney campaign or perhaps worse, all too willing to sully its journalist integrity in pursuit of lesser instincts.
Even the conservative leaning Chicago Tribune got it right in its endorsement of Obama when it rejected Romney as “astonishingly willing to bend his views to the politics of the moment: on abortion, on immigration, on gun law and, most famously, on health care.”
The Register claims a “vigorous debate” led to its endorsement. But a principled one? Not on your life.
– Bill Culmer, Des Moines
Of course, endorse the presidential candidate who no longer gives interviews or puts himself in the position of actually answering questions about his policies and plans for the future of this country. Endorse the candidate who blatantly lies–not just disavowing his right-wing ideology when he faces a debate in which he must look like a centrist but also claiming he has never held any other view. Endorse the candidate who has consistently waffled on every issue of importance to the American public. And, by the way, count me as one person who will no longer read anything in the Register and will purchase a subscription for The New York Times, a legitimate NEWS paper.
– Lorraine Ferrell, Des Moines
Your endorsement of Mitt Romney is a sellout of the working people, the blood and bones of the State of Iowa. Shame on your shortsightedness, your personal pique that you didn’t get an in-person interview with the sitting President!
You cited what is — in your opinion! — Mitt Romney’s ‘fresh’ economic vision. How wrong you are! The only thing fresh about Miss Romney? His suits, shirts, ties. All else is stale. Listen to him. He is masterful only at deflecting the direct questions of the crowd and the media. He is a master deflector. You really want this guy to set foreign policy>? Barack Obama has a really appealing quality: he can listen; he DOES listen. so. You had a listener willing to work w//world leaders in an appropriate way and a deflector. You chose a deflector?? Shame on you, DMR! Romney … master of deflection, stale economic policies, and master plutocrat. DMR = the sellout Pulitzer prize winning newspaper. Again, shame on you!!
– Kay Frances Scott, Salix
I’m just curious. Has any newspaper endorsement ever swung an election?
Ron Shoop, Urbandale
As a lifelong reader of the Des Moines Register, I have periodically disagreed with the conclusions of your editorials but have never taken issue with your analysis. Until today. Your decision to support Governor Romney because he offers a “fresh economic vision” causes me to question the thoroughness of your process.
Your editorial rightly focuses on the importance of actions to improve our nation’s economy. The Romney plan to improve our economy calls for a 5 trillion dollar reduction in the federal governments tax income coupled with a 2 trillion dollar increase in defense expenditures. Governor Romney has arrogantly refused to give the American people any details regarding the offsetting cuts necessary to prevent these 7 trillion dollars from being added to the nation’s deficit. This is your idea of a “fresh economic vision”? This is my idea of an economic disaster which would likely drive us back into a recession with a resulting increase in the deficit.
You cite Romney’s experience as the governor of Massachusetts as evidence of his ability to build consensus in Washington. Again, your analysis falls short. The Democratic legislators in Massachusetts did not gather their leadership team on the night of Governor Romney’s inauguration and construct a pact to obstruct his agenda. Our country would be in a much better condition today had the Republican leadership not made a vow to do everything in their power to make him President Obama a one term president.
Speaking of Massachusetts, the citizens of Massachusetts who know more about Governor Romney’s policies and style than anyone are prepared to reelect President Obama by a large double digit margin. Does Governor Romney have experience? Yes. Do the people who know him best want him to be President? No. Some additional food for thought. The last person to be elected President without the support of his home state was Richard Nixon. Hmmm….
President Obama has earned the opportunity for a second term. He will work on behalf of 100% of the people to improve the economy without creating unnecessary sacrifices among those in need. He is respected on the world stage and will continue to effectively guide our country through increasingly complicated international conflicts and crises. Along with the majority of the country, I am better off than I was four years ago and I have already cast my vote for President Obama to keep us moving forward.
Although I am severely disappointed in your conclusion to support Governor Romney, I am equally troubled by your weak analysis. For this reason, I have joined what I expect is a large group of concerned Iowans who have cancelled their subscription to your paper. I guess the Register is going to find out firsthand about a “fresh economic vision”.
– Mike Maloney, Bettendorf
I’m so appalled that your paper is supporting Romney. How could anyone with a working brain support such a man. It’s obvious that you could care less when it comes to the rights of women – what were you thinking! If Romney is actually elected the poor & disabled are going to be in even more dire straights than they are now. The environment & global warming will be completely ignored. The sciences will be dead & buried. What is wrong with you! My goodness – I thought that your paper was one of the intelligent voices in a sea of ignorance – I no longer believe that idea…..
– Kathy Kramer, Daugherty
To the Editor: Your endorsement of Mr. Romney is very clearly about something other than what was printed in Sunday morning’s Register. The endorsement statement itself was shallow, irrational and a black mark on the Register’s proud history. I am deeply disappointed in, and ashamed of, the Register. My daughter called Sunday A.M., from Virginia, to ask: “What’s wrong with the Register?” Sadly, I had no defense to offer on your behalf. It appears you have made the calculation that you have more to gain by making this “edgy” endorsement, than you do by being responsible. Time will tell whether you can gain ground with the demographic groups you are apparently pursuing, and the edgier character to which you seem to aspire.
Chuck Montgomery, Des Moines
The Salt Lake City Tribune endorses Obama, because it knows who Romney is; the Register endorses Romney, because it doesn’t know who he is.
– James Sutton, Des Moines
With your support of Governor Romney for President, you make us fear that you are pandering to the same folks that Romney panders to: Tea Partiers and billion-dollar funders. You’re not appealing to the rest of the voters at all.
Thinking Iowa voters remember that President Obama began stabilizing our economy in 2009 when he took office. We remember that the President’s leadership brought the US back from a near-depression when stock brokers and common investors alike were drawing money out of investments and trusting only the FDIC to protect their savings. We remember that retirement accounts were going bust. Thinking voters remember that Republicans had started wars and were letting the rich get away with low tax bills, so our country was in a financial crisis.
Now that President Obama’s policies have begun taking hold, we see “We’re Hiring” signs and construction equipment working instead of sitting idle. We see “Sold” signs in yards and new cars on the road instead of sitting in the same spot on the lot for months. We can trust President Obama’s policies to continue the progress, and with more Democrats to work with him, the progress will speed up for all of us.
But Mitt Romney has shown that he would be beholden to his funders, not to us. His recent pretense of supporting the middle class will fade. Believe it. A bunch of Romney funders measure success by seeing how far they can downsize the working population and make the stressed survivors try to do the work of two people for the price of one. Other Romney funders have very radical social ideas. Romney may now sound like he’d support the middle class, but his record shows pandering to billion-dollar funders and Tea Partiers.
With a Romney endorsement, The Register has pandered to the same folks that Romney panders to. Thinking voters disagree with your choice.
– Marilynn Wadden, Des Moines
Who on the Register actually wrote the editorial endorsing Mitt Romney and his Etch-a-Sketch? Was it Daddy Warbucks or Mr. Magoo?
– Tom Emmerson, Ames
WOW. Mitt Romney endorsed by the Des Moines Register Editorial(“Mitt Romney Offers A Fresh Economic Vision”, Sunday Oct. 28). Not since 1972 and Richard Nixon (nice choice THERE by the way!) has The Des Moines Register endorsed a Republican candidate for president. I eagerly poured into my beloved Sunday Register and my coffee this morning. But I’m sorry to say that the anemic endorsement provided little intelligible reasoning and my initial curiosity quickly dissipated. I expect more substance from The Des Moines Register.
Allow me to say: I’m an engaged voter who follows several papers, news magazines and broadcasts on all sides of the spectrum. I watch all the debates during the caucus/primary seasons and general elections. I am an informed voter.
Your endorsement points though, are remarkably weak. Perhaps the most pathetic contention: “Romney had to tack to the right during the primary season. Since then he has recalibrated his campaign to focus on the middle class…” What a transparent whitewashing! Romney’s changes in tone and positions from the primary season to the general election have been wide and dramatic. He’s a different candidate than when he won the Republican nomination. His new (public) positions on taxes, abortion, bank regulation, equal pay and yes – the Middle Class – have mysteriously changed from A right wing conservative proviso to a caring and moderate stand. Hardly a “recalibration” but a cynical wrenching of his positions.
Who is this middle class that you say Mitt Romney now supposedly embraces? Is the 47% of Americans who ‘won’t take responsibility for their own lives?’ I would be impressed if Mitt Romney took responsibility for his own actions.
In one respect I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising to see your endorsement. It must be a great temptation to get mentioned on all the Sunday morning news shows and kick up a little dust, going against type. (Pun intended.) Ironically, if these arguments are all you can forward in support of Mitt Romney, well, that’s an editorial comment in itself.
– David Borzo, Des Moines
We were disappointed with the Register’s reason for endorsing Mitt Romney. Thankfully, the majority of people in Iowa take into consideration a candidates’ views and record on multiple issues central to Iowa, the United States, and the world when voting, not just short term economic recovery as emphasized in your endorsement. If our vote is based solely on the economy, we still could not vote for a candidate whose economic vision for America is to reward the rich and ignore everyone else. And beyond his attachment to the wealthy ,it remains difficult to discern where Mitt Romney stands on other vital issues. We do not need the uncertainty of a Mitt Romney Presidency. The country needs to move forward. Vote for all Americans. Vote Obama.
– Dave and Lori Sanders, Clive
Although I accept that you spent considerable time debating your endorsement, it might have been useful to broaden your horizons to some of the more subtle realities of a Romney/Ryan administration as indicated in the New York Times article by Joseph Stiglitz today (10/28). As Stiglitz points out, the fundamental mentality behind Romney/Ryan worldview would tend to injure the poor and middle class while further advancing the already wealthy. This might look good on the balance sheets of the next few quarters, but in the longer term would further imperil our economy and our society as a whole.
Steve Libbey, Ames
I was totally confused when I read the Sunday Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for President.
Which Mitt Romney are you endorsing?
– Don Paulson, Letts
The Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney was irresponsible. Which Romney was the paper endorsing- the rightwing plutocrat and theocrat who has not supported the rights of women, gays, and minorities, the guy who has nothing but contempt for 47% of struggling Americans, a man who has reversed his positions on so many things that even his campaign manager called him an “Etchasketch”? Even though your editorial says “we cannot rewind the clock on progress for minorities, women, gays
and lesbians and we must make it easier for immigrants to come here and live and work legally,” Romney has taken a far right position on all these things and would most surely appoint a Supreme Court judge who would make sure the progress for these groups was halted. If Mitt was the same moderate man who was governor of a liberal state, perhaps the future would not be so foreboding, but that man is not the same man who won the primary. I want to know for sure the policy positions my president is likely to take. Does the Register really know which Romney is going to show up to be President? By the way, I have already cancelled my subscription.
– Penni Scavo, Des Moines
I should have seen it coming. You printed all those Obama-bashing Ramirez cartoons. You threw Leonard Boswell under the bus. You haven’t replaced Donald Kaul with anyone to balance John Carlson’s rightwing blather. You ran full-page ads from AP Superpac and Billy Graham, and a 12-page Romney glossy flyer in today’s paper. Rekha Basu is the only progressive voice left in your once-magnificent but now dwindling daily. Romney, with his shifting convictions and outright lies, has spent six years and tens of millions of his own money buying the election, promising little more than a repeat of the Bush years, and the Register has bought into it. I can only hope you’re wrong again.
– Harold A. Swihart, Des Moines
My best friend, when startled, says “God help us”. I say , “You have got to be kidding”. Your editorial states “MITT ROMNEY OFFERS A FRESH ECONOMIC VISION”. We all have a vision of great economic recovery, but a vision is just that— a vision. A vision with out a road map is just that— a vision. Mr. Romney is able to say whatever he thinks people want to hear. Facts and truths may come later. Mr. Romney has a vision of himself as President. His roadmap stops there. Thank you to Rekha Basu for providing us with a very insightful commentary.
– Judith Nicholson, Waukee
I was surprised, to put it mildly, that the Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney for President. As I read the wording of the endorsement, the Register felt Obama “reached out to Republicans but was rebuffed”. You went on to claim Obama then “abandoned the effort”. You continued by claiming, “the partisan divide has hardened” and that is what “hampered the economy”. Apparently, no one on the Editorial Board, reviewed or understood history, examined their logic or confronted reality when making that amazing statement. To refresh the record, on Inauguration Day (at the height of the most severe economic crisis since the 1930’s) the Republican leadership met and determined that no matter what President Obama proposed, they would oppose it. It made no difference if Republicans had previously created or advanced the ideas Obama was offering. Their goal was to make sure Obama would only have one term. The way to do it was to obstruct any legislation which might help ease the suffering of the American people. It did not matter if their constituents or the American people suffered, the Republicans only goal was to return to power. Such a strategy is, at best, corrupt and at worse, treasonous. Now, in the Register’s logic, it would be best to give those people a President who will do whatever they want, regardless of the results for the majority of the American people so that partisanship will disappear. Your endorsement shows a shallowness of analysis, a lack of knowledge of history, let alone current events, and a failure to face reality. I can only hope the people of Iowa ignore the Des Moines Register and vote for President Obama.
– Edward N. McConnell, West Des Moines
I cannot believe your paper endorsed Romney for president and, with a straight face, claimed he offers a “fresh economic vision.” His policies are those of the Bush administration which created the economic collapse in the first place. Did a monkey type up this endorsement? Was no one present at any point when he either lied about his position or changed it every 24 hours on every subject under the sun?
Are you endorsing the candidate who is for a woman’s right to choose or against it? Or the one who is for universal health care (that HE created) or against it? Or the one who was for the auto industry bailout or against it? Or the one who believes women should have equal pay for equal work or that they should not? Or the one who believes all Americans are entitled to equality or that some are less equal than others because of a personal religious belief? Or the one who is for tax breaks for billionaires, or against it? Or the one who wants to gut Medicaid or the one who wants to save it?
Romney has taken both sides of all these issues over his political career, yet that didn’t seem to matter to you when making your decision. Who are you endorsing? The “severe conservative” who won the primaries or the moderate who seems to be running now? You can’t trust him to tell the truth and you should be ashamed that you were duped into believing what he says. Unbelievable.
– Matt Schuler, Ames
I woke up this morning and got my Register off the front porch. I got to the Opinion section and thought I had gotten the wrong paper. I thought it must be the April Fool’s edition of the Daily Iowan student newspaper. But it was not, much to my dismay. Adults who should know better were responsible for this endorsement.
“Mitt Romney Offers a Fresh Economic Vision”? No way.
– James Conzemius, Iowa City
Please cancel our subscription to the Des Moines Register. We have been loyal readers of your newspaper since the 1960s, but the Register that we knew is dead. With your endorsement of Romney, your corporate advertisers have won the day over good sense and basic decency. Clearly you care nothing about our foreign policy to endorse a presidential candidate who wears his ignorance in this arena on his sleeve. Above all, to hand the keys back to the party that led us into this economic crash is amazing. Apparently you believe that the leopard can change its spots!
– Patricia Palmer, Ankeny
Romney is not in this race because he’s concerned about people who are hurting in this country. He’s in this race to help his own kind. He’s in this race because he doesn’t like people receiving financial help paid for by his taxes. He believes everyone should carry their own weight and not get any help from the government. Now, the man has done a 180 completely changing his positions. You are undeniably gullible to believe this new tactic. The man is a liar. He will do or say anything to improve his chances of being elected.
The man is a complete boob when dealing with foreign affairs. He even managed to tick off the British.
His economic policies are the same as Bush. Look at the mess they got us in. Do you really hate this country enough to advocate for Romney?
This is the most stupid endorsement you have made in a long time.
– Scott Foreman, Urbandale
How could the Des Moines Register publish an editorial so supportive of women’s rights on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, and publish an editorial endorsing Mitt Romney for president two days later? You had a photo of Richard Mourdock, Republican U.S. Senate candidate, a right-wing “extremist” (your word, not mine)at the top of Friday’s editorial and yet you endorsed Mitt Romney, who has an ad out supporting “conception from rape is God’s will” Richard Mourdock right now, in Sunday’s edition!
Tell me how your Sunday editorial logically flows from your outstanding Friday editorial for women’s rights. I’ll answer that question for you. It doesn’t. Your endorsement of Romney had people scratching their heads on ABC’s “This Week” talk show. Your endorsement of Romney had my husband and me questioning whether we should subscribe to the Des Moines Register.
“Mitt Romney Offers a Fresh Economic Vision”?? His vision is as fresh as George W. Bush’s economic vision, which brought our economy to the brink of collapse when GWB finally left office in 2009.
– Maria Houser Conzemius, Iowa City
I have to admit my shock at your endorsement of Mr. Romney for his “Fresh Economic Vision.” Of course, it is anything but fresh or visionary. It is simply the old “W” vision that nearly ruined our country. And nothing said about, honesty, consistency, leadership or judgment. But I think I understand: The Register is trying to solidify its advertising base no matter who wins the presidency. But let me remind you, not even fat cats will advertise in a paper with no circulation.
Over and out!
– Robert Friedman, Waterloo
It would be fairly easy to refute each of the points in the Register’s endorsement of Romney.
However, I’ll just take comfort in the fact that of the twenty-three endorsements the paper has made since 1912, well over half were rejected by the voters.
– Ron Nath, Des Moines
I’ve noticed over the last year or so in the Des Moines Register a shift to the right. I assumed it was some mistaken attempt at being “fair and balanced” as opposed to being factual. But now, with an endorsement for Mitt Romney, I realize that it was I who was mistaken. The Register has genuinely moved to the right, and this loyal reader must now say, “Cancel my subscription!”
Lora Devereaux, Estherville, Iowa
Endorsing Romney because he was able to work with Democrats in Massachusetts is very naive. The reason he was able to do so was because the Democrats were willing to work with him. The Republicans have refused to work with Obama from day one. The President won the last election by 8+ million votes so if he succeeds the Republicans have no chance this year. So the strategy was to obstruct him at every opportunity, disseminate flagrant lies (Fisker and work for welfare gutting), and then blame him that the economic progress has been slow. How about the attempts at voter suppression? Wake up Iowa!
– Weldon E. Heitman, Iowa City
Thank you Des Moines Register for saving me $25 a month in subscription billing. You endorsing Mitt Romney helped me to realize I need to change my spending habits now for the possible bad times to follow. Nixon was the last Republican you endorsed for president and we know how that went.
Debra D. Howell, Des Moines
Obviously the editorial staff of the Des Moines Register does not read its own newspaper.
Above fold on the front page of the Sunday edition, the Register featured middle-class families struggling to get by in a tough economy: one whose retirement savings dwindled as a result of a poorly regulated Wall Street who were also burdened by high medical bills; another who currently depends on government food stamps; and a third family now getting along, but once dependent on state aid. They are certainly part of the 47% (some would say the 99%) of Americans that Mitt Romney does not consider to be part of his base.
It’s ironic that your endorsement of a candidate intent on reducing government regulations appears in the same edition as a Register special report about nitrogen fertilizer contributing to the Gulf Coast dead zone. Without government funding for research and regulating agencies like the EPA, this problem will continue to haunt both Midwest farmers, agribusiness, Gulf Coast fishermen and tourism.
Elsewhere in the Opinion section, the Register gives a rose to Brigadier General Jennifer L. Walter of the Iowa Air National Guard for her promotion. At the same time endorsing a slate with a dismal track record on women’s issues like equal pay for equal work and reproductive rights.
Yes, Mitt Romney may be able to break the gridlock in Congress — reducing regulations and rights as they go. But if the result is wrong-headed, regressive decisions that benefit big business and the religious right at the expense of everyone else, the current gridlock doesn’t look so bad.
Susan Koch Bridgford, Des Moines
I think that the Register editorial staff just came down with a case of Romnesia. The Register just lost its credibility by endorsing one of the most dishonest presidential politicians in recent history and one who would probably turn his back on the issues that the Register editorial staff are so passionate about. You endorsed a guy who said he would sign a bill overturning Roe v. Wade, sign a personhood bill, repeal the Affordable Care Act that would help millions of Americans, believes 47% of the country are takers, advocates for self-deportation and would veto the Dream Act, turn Medicare into a voucher program, advocated to let Detroit go bankrupt, promoted tax cuts that would primarily benefit the wealthy and most likely add to the deficit, repeal much-needed Wall Street regulations, and will most likely bring in George W. Bush’s foreign policy advisers to his administration. That last one is scary.
And how did the Register defend its endorsement? Well, much like Romney himself, with no specifics and a lot of off-the-wall speculation. Many people, including the Register, misread what Romney did at Bain Capital. His job was not to create jobs, but to make money for his investors. He can’t even cite a business, other than Staples, that has prospered under his watch. If Romney wants to take credit for Staples, he needs to take credit for the many business and jobs that were lost on his watch. His only achievements as Massachusetts governor was Romneycare and to raise fees on the middle class. Is it no wonder that two of his major stomping grounds, Michigan and Massachusetts, won’t support him? Finally, he would not have “saved” the Salt Lake City Olympics had they not gotten tax payer money.
If you want a thoughtful editorial on the presidential race, read Rekha Basu’s commentary. She put much more thought in her editorial than the Register’s editorial staff. President Obama may not be perfect, but at least he fights for the issues that the editorial staff so frequently and passionately write about. Yet, the Register came down with Romnesia and completely reversed its previous stances.
– Brian Johnson, Hampton
I am writing to express my shame and disappointment in the journalist integrity of the Register. I purchase the paper every Sunday but I no longer will after your endorsement of Romney. This is not independent journalism. It is not unbiased. Staff should be ashamed at the clear partisanship of the paper. I had thought I noticed a preference for Romney and Republicans in your articles now I know. For shame. You’ve sold out your journalist integrity for a partisan stance. I expected better.
– Bobbi Newman, Des Moines
Your endorsement of Mitt Romney has forced the devil to order long johns because hell has indeed frozen over.
– John Crowley, Des Moines
That the Des Moines Register actually endorsed Mitt Romney for President of the United States is THE ultimate indication the the State’s supposedly “premier” print agency is nothing more that a sham facade the right-wing extremity and self-enriching, elitist plutocrats. You ignore the findings of credible agencies such as the completely non-partisan Congressional Budget Office as to the disastrous impact the Romney-Ryan budget would have on the American economy. You ignore the consistent lack of policy statements from this public buffoon and his chosen pet monkey and call them a “refreshing economic vision”???????? That alone qualifies you as nothing more than a self-aggrandizing elitist as his economic vision goes no further than continuing to enrich himself and his elite friends on the backs of the rest of us.
You “beg” The President to make public his interview with the Editorial Board stating that the people of Iowa need to hear what he has to say. Was that some kind of sick joke. I read the interview. He made sense and stated clear policy; something neither Romney NOR Ryan have been capable of yet. How can you call someone a “refreshing economic vision” who has not made that vision comprehensible???? You have now publicly shown both your bias and you ignorance. Please remove your collective heads from the netherworld and see the light. Or is it your true wish to see this country COMPLETELY destroyed by the Republican extremists? Bush almost accomplished that. The Republican Congress has been trying to finish the job for the past four years. How can you support Iowans voting against their own best interests? You are a sham as a credible news agency, and certainly as a leader in this state.
– David Stohler, Cedar Rapids
You think after 30-plus years that you have gotten to know someone. But, I guess I’m not the first person to feel a sense of betrayal after a long relationship. That is how I react to the Register endorsement of Mitt Romney by your editorial board. I had come to think of the Register editorial staff as kindred progressive spirits, at least, most of the time. I have harbored some skepticism about some of its choices, like Steve King. That one still leaves a mark. Nevertheless, this one is too much for me to take, in an election that is so close. Your editorial cites a belief that Romney will not be as conservative as he has spent almost the last two years trying to make everyone believe. You also express a hope that he will miraculously forge a bipartisan consensus, once he got to Washington. It is in fact difficult to predict what Mr. Romney’s policies will be, because he has changed them so often, to suit the occasion. But, at some point, public officials need to be held accountable for how they have campaigned, and the political bedfellows they keep. A Romney presidency will enable the tea partiers and the religious right wing. I expect to call the Register business this week to cancel my subscription to your paper over this.
– James Beres, Burlington
This Sunday morning I had to take a friend to the airport for an early (6 a.m.) flight. Prior to returning to bed, I glanced at the Des Moines Register and read the endorsement of Mitt Romney for president. The news failed to penetrate my foggy mind as I went back to bed for a couple of hours sleep.
When I awakened, I was sure that I had been dreaming about the upcoming election and the absurd Register’s endorsement still bouncing around in my head. Upon re-reading the editorial, you could have “knocked me over with a feather.”
My congratulations to Laura Hollingsworth and to the editorial board for arriving at what must have been the most difficult decision it has made in years.
My hopes are for some collateral damage such as Rekha Basu storming out of the Register’s offices to find a different home from which to spew her liberal drivel.
It will be especially pleasing to discuss this monumental event with my left leaning friends. As they curse the Register’s position, I will ask them to relate to how I have felt for all these years having to put up with the predominantly leftist views held by the paper “all Iowa depends on for news.”
– Stu Bassman, Clive
You think after 30-plus years that you have gotten to know someone. But, I guess I’m not the first person to feel a sense of betrayal after a long relationship. That is how I react to the Register endorsement of Mitt Romney by your editorial board. I had come to think of the Register editorial staff as kindred progressive spirits, at least, most of the time. I have harbored some skepticism about some of its choices, like Steve King. That one still leaves a mark. Nevertheless, this one is too much for me to take, in an election that is so close. Your editorial cites a belief that Romney will not be as conservative as he has spent almost the last two years trying to make everyone believe. You also express a hope that he will miraculously forge a bipartisan consensus, once he got to Washington. It is in fact difficult to predict what Mr. Romney’s policies will be, because he has changed them so often, to suit the occasion. But, at some point, public officials need to be held accountable for how they have campaigned, and the political bedfellows they keep. A Romney presidency will enable the tea partiers and the religious right wing. I expect to call the Register business this week to cancel my subscription to your paper over this.
– James Beres, Burlington
The Register believes we should repeal the Affordable Health Care Act
on day one?
The Register believes we should end funding for Planned Parenthood?
The Register believes we should dramatically increase military spending?
The Register believes a person making $200,000 a year shouldn’t pay
one cent of income tax if it was passive income from interest and
The Register believes a person inheriting millions or even billions
of dollars shouldn’t pay one cent of inheritance tax?
I never knew ye.
– Norm West, Fairbank
I read with a combination of dismay, disagreement and confusion, the article on Sunday, Oct. 28th describing your endorsement of Romney for president. I am dismayed and strongly disagree with what I believe to be your reckless choice. In my opinion, I don’t see how any true middle class American actually believes Romney gives a tinker’s damn about their current circumstances or their future welfare, given his statement dismissing 47 percent of Americans whom he classified as dependent on government and see themselves as victims; or his repeated threats to do away with planned parenthood and advocate the overturning of Roe v. Wade; or his lack of support for the rights of all Americans to marry, regardless of whom they love. It is crystal clear to me that your candidate would only be a president for those who fall outside the categories of women, gays, and anyone who gets some form of government support.
I fall directly into two of those categories, and strongly support the third. As a woman, I am disgusted with this candidate’s continued threat to meddle in and do away with our protected reproductive rights. As the widow of a Major in the Iowa National Guard, who died on duty, I have received survivor benefits through the Veteran’s Administration since his death. I DO NOT consider myself a victim, yet I am fully aware that Romney has already cast me into the pot of American’s he has clearly stated it’s not his business to care about.
And as for your endorsement, here is where I am confused. The Register has done an excellent job of highlighting the plight of Iowans who find themselves struggling for survival due to their present dire circumstances. And followup articles have shown how Iowans have responded with financial assistance and moral support. Yet these are the very people your candidate has dumped into the 47% of American’s he has already written off.
Former Governor Romney does not deserve to be president of a country composed of citizens he doesn’t care about and shame on you for your endorsement.
Teresa Hindley, Urbandale
If Mitt Romney wins on November 6 he will be a two-term president. The reason is that the economy is on an overall positive trend and the recovery will only add momentum in the next four years – no matter who is president. The problem with a two-term Republican presidency over the next eight years is that it will do nothing to repair the fundamentals of the American economy or status in the world.
Romney will bring nothing more than a retread of the policies of previous Republican administrations: deregulation of financial markets and environmental protections;
isolationist foreign policy combined with obscene build-ups military spending;
tax cuts for the ‘job creators’ (the super rich who really bankroll the party);
hidden tax increases for all of us in the form of a withdrawal of government support for everything from education to the National Parks;
socially ‘conservative’ policies that do nothing more than divide and degrade the unity of the American people. If that’s the change you want go for it.
– Christian Baughman, Clive
Your endorsement of Romney is disappointing! How can you support this man when you say in one
sentence that Obama’s efforts would produce little change in a second term and then say there is
not a lot of difference between the two candidates short term economic plans? The economy Is
struggling to gain traction but look at what was! Romney’s plan goes beyond helping the middle
class with tax breaks? C’mon, every economist that I have read says that Romney gives high
income earners big tax breaks on the shoulders and backs of the middle class and poor! (supported
by his own interview with the Register, remember the deduction bucket?)
Now, the man-on-both-sides-of-every-issue aside, his stated positions on Roe v Wade, Planned
Parenthood, teachers’ unions, the Affordable Care Act, Public Broadcasting, environmental
regulations, Wall Street oversight, toughness on China (can you say trade war?), wind energy,
smoke and mirrors on job growth all point to a return to Bush Jr and worse, which is what caused
in the first place.
He talks of his Olympics success. He NEVER mentions the $1.6 to $1.8 billion in tax payer
support he got. He cites his Massachusetts successes? That is not what those that live there
and serve after say.
America has an instant gratification complex. Fix it now! I want it now! Bush Jr took EIGHT
years to mess the country up and no one can fix it in four! It appears to this reader that the
Register got this one wrong.
Thanks you.
– Phil Armstrong, Des Moines
You think after 30-plus years that you have gotten to know someone. But, I guess I’m not the first person to feel a sense of betrayal after a long relationship. That is how I react to the Register endorsement of Mitt Romney by your editorial board. I had come to think of the Register editorial staff as kindred progressive spirits, at least, most of the time. I have harbored some skepticism about some of its choices, like Steve King. That one still leaves a mark. Nevertheless, this one is too much for me to take, in an election that is so close. Your editorial cites a belief that Romney will not be as conservative as he has spent almost the last two years trying to make everyone believe. You also express a hope that he will miraculously forge a bipartisan consensus, once he got to Washington. It is in fact difficult to predict what Mr. Romney’s policies will be, because he has changed them so often, to suit the occasion. But, at some point, public officials need to be held accountable for how they have campaigned, and the political bedfellows they keep. A Romney presidency will enable the tea partiers and the religious right wing. I expect to call the Register business this week to cancel my subscription to your paper over this.
– James Beres, Burlington
With sadness I have watched the Register fall victim to the changing times. The paper is only a shell of what it was even just a few years ago. I find I rarely read it, as there are more engaging and informative sources available to me. And yet, I have maintained my subscription as I have believed supporting the local paper is a civic duty. After your endorsement of Mitt Romney, however, I have determined that to continue to support this paper would be be a contribution to a point of view slanted in ways I cannot abide. Seeing you fall for a flimflammer like Mr. Romney gives me no confidence that you have any sense of civic duty. While I can begrudgingly accept your poor endorsement decision, I cannot accept the flimflam pulled on your readers and the Obama campaign earlier in the week. For your editors to agree to an off-the-record interview and then complain, in public, about that very agreement was churlish and manipulative. You have lost my trust and my subscription
– Mark Stringer, Des Moines
My first reaction from the Register’s presidential endorsements from the past (Sunday October 28, 2012) was to note with an implied air of superiority that the national voters have disagreed with the Register more often than not over the last 100 years.
If the Hawks had the same 10-14 (and 2 no shows) record, their fans would be calling for immediate change.
Then I recalled that my own voting choices over the last 37 years. Those have included liberals, conservatives, and even a few crazy independents.
Maybe the more important thing is that after all these years and regardless of the record of each, The Register and those like me and those different from me are all still here to speak freely, to be heard, to listen and to try to do what we think is in the best interest of America and all her people.
– Mike Rowley, Clive
I realize that the Register’s circulation, credibility and relevance have declined over the past few years. However, I was shocked to read your endorsement of Mitt Romney. Your hope that he would govern the nation as he did as Massachusetts’ governor instead of how he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination shows an incredible lack of judgment. Consequently, I cancelled my subscription this morning.
– Mark Rosenbury, West Des Moines
Your editorial endorsement is an embarrassment. We citizens are smarter. The following short essay says it all.
– Tom Smith, Des Moines
I am shocked and disappointed in your endorsement of Mitt Romney. I have long been proud of Iowan’s ability to see the truth and our core values of decency and fairness. Your endorsement has destroyed my faith in your publication. I will no longer read, and no longer support your paper or any of its advertisers.
A Romney presidency would be disastrous for the country and the world. I pray people do not believe any word of your endorsement.
Shame on you. You have disgraced Iowa.
– Daryl Wells, Ottumwa
So Mitt Romney has “fresh ideas”?
I knew the Register’s editorial bench strength had been severely depleted by layoffs and forced early retirements, but surely you have Google?
Far from being “fresh”, Romney’s ideas come with a stench–the scents of wars, deficits, and tax cuts for the wealthy while ordinary Iowans go without. Without any guarantee of obtaining health care, without social support systems to catch us if we fall, without equal pay for women, without poor women’s access to health care through Planned Parenthood.
And if your editorial staff didn’t even notice George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, and the whole cast of bad advisors from the “W” administration hiding behind Romney’s curtain, you aren’t doing enough research. In fact, you aren’t doing as much research as I, once your reader, have done.
How about Romney’s record in Massachusetts? Did you take a look at that? Appalling. Cooperation across the aisle is a fine promise, but Romney vetoed over 800 bills sent to him by the Mass legislature! That’s not compromise, that’s a man running a fiefdom.
Given that I am doing more in-depth research than your editorial team, I can’t say I really need your newspaper any more.
Please cancel my subscription.
– Lee Jolliffe, Des Moines
President Obama compromised to a fault. He rescue was tilted towards Wall St., the stimulus was one-third tax cuts, and Obamacare was modeled on Romneycare in MA, not to mention extending the Bush tax cuts and agreeing to the debt ceiling cuts. What is always left out of discussions of Obama’s record? The scorched earth campaign against him by the Republicans from Day One, breaking all filibuster records and seeing countless bills fail with votes in the high fifties.
The Register just put its seal of approval on that tactic.
God help America.
– Jeromy Brown, Creston
So. You’ve endorsed Mitt Romney, the first Republican presidential candidate since you endorsed Richard Nixon in 1972.
And how’d that work out for you?
Jim Hutter, Ames
Imagine my shock and disgust when I looked at the news today and saw that the Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney for president – the first endorsement of a republican candidate since Richard Nixon (what does that tell you?). My family and I have spent the past four years withering in extreme right, Republican Arkansas and finally returned to our beloved home state this summer, so happy to be among reasonable people again. For the Des Moines Register to endorse a man who has demonstrated time and time again that he, in fact, has no principles, will say anything to anyone to pander for votes, changes positions with the slightest breeze, and even more importantly has clearly and without equivocation expressed CONTEMPT for 47% of our neighbors, leads me to believe that at least the opinion makers at the Des Moines Register have far more in common with the Arkansas we fled than we could ever, in our wildest dreams, imagined. Shame on you. Iowans! Rise up and show the world what Iowa is REALLY about.
– Dina Bishara, Iowa City
I cannot believe this paper has endorsed Romney! I am a 59 year old white male independent voter.
This editorial Board feels Romney has a “Fresh Economic Vision”. They are delusional at best and more likely insane!
Romney’s chief economic adviser is Glenn Hubbard!
The board should have researched this before they came out with that headline. This guy was Bush’s head economic advisor. If you plan to repeat history and expect different results, that is the definition of insanity!
Yet this board endorses Romney who won’t even tell us what he plans to do.
Well I’ll tell you.
He plans to make the rich, like himself richer while the rest of us get poorer and run this country backwards. The strength of this country lies in the middle class.
The board should have read “Who Stole the American Dream” by Hedrick Smith before they made such an insane endorsement.
That’s just on the economic front. How in God’s name can any women vote to diminish her own rights to her body?
The Republican Party doesn’t want to control Wall Street but the party of old white men want to control a women’s body?
The Republican Party feels that the rich don’t have enough but the poor get too much!
Look at their agenda.
It is beyond me how ignorant half the voting populace our in our country is but to see an editorial board come out with this endorsement is perilous.
God help us all!
– Steven Knox, Des Moines
Are you kidding me? Endorsing Willard Romney? What vision are you people talking about? Your newspaper is slipping big time anyway. I’m 70 years old and have watched the contraction of the content over the years. As for Mitt? He says what he needs to say depending on which part of the country he is on any given day. So sad you did what you did.
– Bob Boelman, Aplington
I heard it on IPR…the Register endorsed Romney. Anger, disappointment, frustration and a recitation of “really?, seriously?, You’re Stupid!” ran through my brain. I was going to cancel my subscription but then remembered the old adage: keep your friends close, your enemies closer. So I’m staying a subscriber so I can keep my voice in this venue.
– Nancy Burk, Toledo, Iowa
Congratulations to the Des Moines Register, it is about time a liberal institution recognizes that we will be trouble in the event Obama resumes as president the next 4 years. What we need now is for the national news recognizes and reports how Obama administration refuses each of 3 times the call for help from our men in Bengasi. It is so hard for me to believe that for seven hours there was video in real time in the situation room at the White House and Obama says he does not know. According to Situation Room Policy, the President must be notified within 10 minutes of receipt of top secret digital emails. All we hear from him is that they are investigating and stone walls. It is a disgrace that the lives of our representatives were compromised because of politics. Only FOX reports this. If it had been a Republican ABC, NBC, CNBC and CNN would have had it on the front page. Your consideration in reporting this is much appreciated.
– Bob Dugger, Manaon
The test applied by the Register in its endorsement is: “Which candidate could forge the compromises in Congress?”. So, the Register decides to endorse Governor Romney because some in Congress have said they won’t work with President Obama and will pick up their marbles and go home. Because of intransigent Republican behavior, the Register decides to reward them with the Romney endorsement. Rather than seriously analyze the truthfulness of the candidates and the realities of their plans and policies, the Register gives its endorsement based on who will play nice with the hostage-takers in Congress. I’m glad we don’t have to rely on the Register for a serious examination of the issues we face and how we should respond to them.
– Victoria L Herring, Des Moines
Were you really that insulted when President Obama wanted his interview to be on background? Have you not understood that one Romney shows up one day and a totally different one the next? Are you so dazzled by the way a liberal legislature pulled him to the left that you cannot see how a tea-party congress will pull him to the right?
Have you forgotten his decision to completely repudiate his own health care program? Do you not realize that to endorse him is to also endorse his “day 1” agenda of demolishing that health care program and ending the last hopes of uninsured Americans?
Can’t you see that electing Romney will allow him to politicize the Supreme Court as thoroughly as the right-wing crowd in Iowa wants to do here? Weren’t you against that just recently?
Do you really think he wants “all forms of domestic energy production” when he has subjected green energy to so much ridicule? Didn’t you see the moment in the convention when he led the room in a horse laugh against efforts to control climate change, a moment that, along with your endorsement, is destined to live in infamy?
– Thomas C. Gibbons, Clinton
Since Nixon? Can you recall “impeachment”?
– Sean Stokey, Perry
I have to respectfully disagree with your decision to name Romney as your pick for President. Evidently, your paper is owned by one of the millionaires for Romney who has pumped in millions in secret PAC’s. Your opinion makes little difference except to help me decide to stop buying your paper.
Greg Jacobs, Rippey
Your endorsement of Romney reflects your editorial board’s failure to grasp the economic, social, political forces that face this nation. You overlook the agenda of the Republican party and Romney. Cutting taxes for the wealthy while asking the poor, disabled, unemployed, and the aged to sacrifice in order to balance the budget is unfair and unjust. Romney plan to increase the defense budget, while cutting taxes and domestic spending, will not balance the budget or create jobs. The Register overlooks the fact that George Bush cut taxes and the resulting job growth was anemic. Your board does not seem to be aware that the economy’s troubles did not start in 2008. We have had decades of growing inequality and stagnant wages, but the Register
expects a quick recovery even though the Republican House did not support any of Obama’s proposals. Not mentioned is the fact that U.S. growth next year is expected to be ahead of Europe. The stock market is much improved over 2008 and if Romney was president he would be proclaiming positive economic news.
It is not reassuring that if in 4 years Romney has not done what he promised, you will not endorse him again. In the meantime we may have another Scalia on the Supreme Court, even fewer folks will have health insurance, more people will do hungry without food stamps because eligibility will be restricted. Great Britain has s few years of austerity and growth is leas than 1@. It now appears that the Olympics–government spending– may be giving their economy a boost Romney has been dishonest and vague in his statements and your endorsement shows acceptance of his misleading statements. Romney’ past business practices, his extremely low tax rate, his putting his money in off-shore accounts are contributing to our country’s economic and budget problem.
I have been a subscriber for 4 decades. No longer.
– Kathleen Herman, Grinnell
The Register’s endorsement of Romney was the most dangerous and reckless of any endorsement since the last Republican it endorsed… Richard Nixon in 1972.
The Register’s entire endorsement is predicated on the risk that the Romney who pivoted to the center for the general election is the REAL Mitt Romney. That the Register should endorse a candidate they tacitly admit to not knowing is a tremendous disservice to its readers.
There are some things more important than the economy that the Register devoted no attention to that I am not willing to gamble with; Supreme Court picks, women’s rights to control their bodies, and everyone’s recently won right to affordable health care.
Add to that the fact that Romney’s economic policies are “shined up” retreads of the failed Republican policies of the past 30 years, and I think the Register has finally spent its last shred of editorial credibility as one of America’s finest newspapers.
Voting for a complete unknown is not a risk I, or any other American should EVER be willing to take.
– Ross Daniels, West Des Moines
I was not surprised to read that the Des Moines Register has endorsed Mitt Romney. In the past year, I have noticed how much more conservative the paper has become. This has been especially evident in recent news coverage of the presidential campaign where Governor Romney has been cast in a more favorable light than President Obama. I believe this is partly because the Register’s new editor has realized that he is serving an increasingly aging audience due to Iowa’s changing demographics and younger Iowans relying primarily on the Internet for their news. I suspect the Register’s endorsement of Romney has less to do with confidence in his economic plan (which is laughably vague) and more to do with a desire to please the Register’s older and more conservative readers. I’m really saddened to see the decline of this once great newspaper.
Mary Wahlgren, Gowrie
I am really saddened that the Des Moines Register decided to endorse Mitt Romney. For the past few years Iowa has been a somewhat progressive state, one that tries not to discriminate against people.
By endorsing Mitt Romney, you have devalued me as a woman. You have devalued my ability to choose what is best for me and my body. You have said that a man in Washington has the right to choose what is best for my health care. I hope that your daughters, your granddaughters, your friends are happy being second class citizens.
You have devalued those that are sick and could not get health insurance prior to the Health Care Reform. You have devalued those that are critically ill. I hope you are the ones that will go to someone’s hospital room and say “Sorry, because we endorse Mitt Romney and he overturned the Health Care Reform, you now are ineligible for more treatment because you have reached the insurance cap.”
You have devalued those that love someone of the same sex. I pray you have to look in your neighbors eyes while you tell them they are less of a person, that their children don’t matter, because they want to get married to the person they love and a Mitt Romney presidency would do its best to outlaw that.
Shame on you. How can you honestly believe that the Romney economy plan is what is best for America. I used to work in the Renewable Energy industry and lost my job a week and a half ago. Jobs that are VITAL to the sate of Iowa. Under Mitt Romney’s energy plan, you may as well cut thousands of jobs across the state that are involved in Wind Energy.
If Mitt Romney gets elected, all of the people employed in Renewable Energy in the state of Iowa that will lose their job should write thank you letters to you.
I have normally been proud to say that I am from Iowa, but for the first time I am ashamed to associate myself with this state.
Ashlee French, Sioux City
I have just read that the Register is endorsing Romney for president.
You seem to have forgotten that Romney’s success as a businessman was
accomplished at the expense of a great many jobs that went overseas.
You seem to have forgotten that his fortune is based on the tax cuts for
the rich that were supposed to help the rich create jobs for the middle
and lower classes. It’s been well over a decade now and we’re still
waiting for the positive effects of the Bush tax cuts to kick in.
Romney doesn’t give a hoot about the little guy: as the managing
director of Bain Capital, he callously took the pension funds to which
the workers were contractually entitled. We can certainly trust that
Romney will continue to provide tax cuts to the rich and squeeze the
middle class into non-existence.
We can also trust that Romney will do absolutely nothing about the
environment and global warming, thus ensuring economic disaster for the
not-too-distant future, let alone for our children and grandchildren.
He will drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and along
all our coastlines, causing more BP style oil spills. He will continue
our dependence on fossil fuels, including dirty coal (“clean coal” is a
myth), thus discouraging the development of renewable energy sources.
We can also trust that Romney would make hash out of our foreign affairs
and quite possibly cause WWIII. He knows so little about foreign
affairs that he thinks Iran has caused Syria’s problems in order to
acquire access to the ocean when in fact Iran has plenty of coastline
and does not even border on Syria.
Obama deserves another four years to work on the mess Bush left behind,
preferably unencumbered by the Republican House which has done its best
to ensure that Obama’s plans could not be implemented. Why do you think
electing a Republican to the presidency would improve anything? We are
suffering precisely because of a surfeit of Republicans.
You have fallen for a smooth-talking snake oil salesman who is ignorant
of foreign affairs, who is stupid enough to believe that global warming
can be ignored and who is very, very good at making any economy work
well for himself and his fellow fat cats. Worse, you have based your
endorsement on only a single issue and you have picked the very issue
that is inherently most uncertain. Issues of foreign policy,
environmental policy, war and peace, and social justice are more
directly manageable by the executive branch than the direction of global
Barbara Aszman Stone, Grinnell
I was appalled at your endorsement of Mitt Romney. His “fresh economic ideas” basically come down to the disastrous policies of the George W Bush years which were tax cuts for the rich and deregulation. I have removed you from the bookmarks list and will not be visiting your site anymore. I expected more intelligence than this.
– Brian Smith, Fairfield
The Register has endorsed Romney based on the following statement: “Romney succeeded as governor in Massachusetts where he faced Democratic majorities in the legislature.” Romney’s only bipartisan success as governor was Romneycare, which was opposed by the Republicans and endorsed by the Democrats. Other than that, he vetoed the Democrats 844 times and was overridden, sometimes unanimously, 707 times. I only hope the Register reporters are better investigators and have better executive thinking skills than the editorial board.
– David Wells, Clive
So, a candidate can lie all through the campaign, refuse to support woman through equal pay and the rights to her own body, slander 47% of the hard working citizens, profit from a business that sent jobs to China and put Americans out of work, and still get the endorsement of the Register. I am really ashamed of what Gannett has done to this paper.
– Diane Leonard, Waukee
I was thinking of starting your online subscription. I am glad I have been waiting.
I just read that you are endorsing the anti-christ, Romney.
You can forget about that subscription!!
– Dennis Pauk, Ottumwa
I strongly disagree with this endorsement. The editorial rightly points out Congress’s refusal to work with President Obama and you want to reward them with a President who will rubber stamp whatever they send to the White House.
When a child throws a temper tantrum you don’t reward the bad behavior. Yes, I am comparing Congress to petulant children. Given their 7% approval rating I think you’ll find many agree with me.
“Romney has a strategy for…encouraging all forms of domestic energy production.” Then why have Governor Branstad, Senator Grassley and Congressmen Latham and King all panned Governor Romney’s plan to end tax credits for wind energy? Governor Romney’s agenda will lead to job losses in Iowa as we’re setting the trend for the rest of the nation. His plan to end tax credits for wind energy production will pull the rug out from under towns like Newton just as they’re getting back on their feet.
I recognize I am far from objective when it comes to the Presidential race, but these two points should serve as red flags to any Iowan considering Governor Romney for President.
– Gregory Hauenstein, Johnston
I will no longer buy your paper. I bought every Sunday. And some week days. But you made a big mistake ENDORSING Romney. I think that is very sad you did that. And I hope many more like me don’t purchase the DM register. Do you think about sales? Do you think what Romney will do to the US? Be like Bush all over again. SAD SAD SAD for a paper.
Never again will I buy your paper!!!
I hope Obama WINS!!!!
– Becky Hansen, Dallas Center
The Register’s twisted logic in endorsing Mitt Romney is wrong-headed and unbelievable. The economy is recovering so we should change course and have a President who believes in trickle-down economics that has never worked? We should elect a President who wants to repeal the biggest advance in health care this country has seen — and one he championed while Governor?
I do not understand how the Register could possibly come to this conclusion. It is extremely disappointing and shows a lack of understanding of what this country needs to move forward. The editors should be ashamed of themselves.
– David Ball, West Des Moines
How disappointing to see the DMR’s endorsement of Mitt Romney’s say-anything-to-win presidential ambitions. The economic reasoning behind this endorsement is both ridiculous and obscene: hand government back to the Republicans and the bosses and jobs will magically appear, because–wait for it–Mitt’s really a moderate! And a good family man, too. Pay no attention to his dismissal of 47 percent of the population as losers, his record of enriching himself by looting companies, exporting jobs, and firing workers, his reactionary policies toward women, gays, students, and the elderly. Or his frightening ideas on energy, climate change, and foreign affairs. Whatever one may think about President Obama, he pegged Romney perfectly: the economic ideas of the 1920s, the social attitudes of the 1950s, and the foreign policy of the 1980s.
The DMR has diminished itself by this endorsement. And all for nothing: Obama will carry Iowa on November 6, thank goodness.
– Lawrence T. McDonnell, West Des Moines
I have recently returned to Iowa to raise my children and to take over the reins of my family’s small appliance business. I am glad to be in Iowa on the Mississippi.
I am disappointed in your decision to endorse Mitt Romney for president for a variety of reasons but would like to mention two in particular. I mention these two because I am interested in how you came to a decision to endorse Romney without satisfying these questions. They seem like very basic questions to me, ones requiring simple answers and of fundamental concern for candidates for President and Vice President.
My first concern is with candidate Romney’s failure to provide tax returns. It’s hard for me to imagine your rationale for excusing this unprecedented and I think arrogant refusal. Does this refusal not speak volumes vis a vis transparency and fair dealing? My second concern has to do with Romney’s choice of a running mate. Candidate Ryan’s tax plan and tax philosophies do not square with his voting record. Just because someone plays the role of a fiscal hawk, just because he seems to wear the mantel of a character some might yearn for, does not help square a plainly conflicted and contradictory record. Paul Ryan seems to vote with the weather.
Neither man appears to be very sure of his position when push comes to shove. They do however try to loudly perform their parts for the already converted. As for the economy, you seem to recommend that we vote for blue sky on the basis of ongoing frustrations with an economy horribly damaged by banks involved in reckless speculation. Changing crops won’t make it rain.
A final point with regard what I fear is a cynical rationale on your part as relates to the gridlock in congress: When one considers Mitch McConnell’s stated goal of making Obama a one term president, along with the Senate’s unprecedented use of the filibuster, it is difficult to find fault with President Obama for failing to advance the business of the people, beyond what was accomplished. Do you believe that electing Romney, in light of his demerits, will at least help things along and ‘get the country moving’ again? It reminds me of something my brother once said when feeling particularly anxious: “well let’s get up and do something, even if it’s wrong.” My brother said this in jest. I fear the editorial board has made a decision that might result in influencing an election in a way that will do a great disservice to the people of Iowa, and the rest of the country.
Paul Leisen, Dubuque
Oh my god you can NOT be serious!! Endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States at the same time you are warning against radicals taking over the government!! Who do you think he is going to bring into the administration with him, John Bolton as Secretary of State perhaps. All we need are more Bush neo cons running the country. Did some of the billions of dollars floating around this election suddenly fall into you faces, blinding you to the empty shell of the man you now endorse?
– Nancy Reeves, Prairie City
I am absolutely appalled to find out that the Register has endorsed Romney for President. How one earth can you say that Obama has not moved to improve the economy? And just what the heck makes you think Romney has any real plan to change anything? Are you out of your editorial mind? The stand Romney takes against women should be enough to make you say no way. I am giving serious thought to canceling my subscription.
Cheryl M. Kimberley, Ames
Endorse Romney? Do you understand the concept of FACT CHECK?? The man is a known liar on every topic in every speech. A purposeful liar. EVERY fact-check group in the country has exposed his lies on a daily basis, including his lie on Friday in Ohio about Jeep moving to China….yet even after that, you still endorse him? The Register has proven that a politician who lies, if he lies enough, can get away with anything. Too bad journalism, as we once knew it, is dead. If one wants to understand how this country got to this point, one need not look any further than the ethics and lack of any journalistic efforts as shown by the Register. I fear for the country, and you’ve shown my fears are valid.
– Larry Miller, Des Moines
I was eager for the seven o’clock hour to come so I could revel in
the good sense The Des Moines Register would use to endorse President
Barack Obama. Imagine my complete and utter disgust when I checked
my computer and realized the folly and lack of good judgment and
common sense the editorial board used to make their endorsement. I
am flabbergasted!
Writing that “Mitt Romney emerges as the stronger candidate to work
in a bipartisan manner by getting the government back on track to
balance the budget, pulling the economy out of the doldrums and
getting more Americans back to work in meaningful jobs.” I am not
sure if the board truly believes this nonsense or has been bamboozled
by Romney and his half truths and lies.
Touting his business experiences is not only disingenuous but not
true. Working as a venture capitalist at Bain Capital does not make
him the epitome of a model for the chief executive of our country.
Stating that he “offers a fresh economic vision” is laughable. What
about his very poor record with women? What about his promise to
veto Obamacare? What about his lack of good judgment and not being
able to relate to the common people? What about his poor choice of
picking Paul Ryan as his running mate? Someone who is so right wing
that he believes in the person-hood amendment and helped sponsor it
with the nut case Todd Akin. This is the kind of leadership you
I am still reeling from your obtuseness and foolishness you exhibited
by choosing to endorse Romney. I am hopeful that most Iowans will
use better judgment in their choice and vote for Obama, a proven
leader who deserves a second term.
On November 6th, after the polls close and the votes are tallied, I
believe the Des Moines Register will have egg on their face for
endorsing the losing candidate. Our president will be reelected and
we will see the true leadership of a man who has struggled with a
less than cooperative congress and still has helped get our country
back on track. I am not willing to turn the clock back and return to
the failed policies of trickle down economics.
Your board must also be suffering from “Romnesia”. Don’t worry. No
doubt your health care covers pre-existing conditions thanks to Obama!
Deb McMahon, Des Moines
It is beyond comprehension that your paper could endorse Mitt Romney, because I had thought you were actually sincere journalists. Romney has demonstrated only one clear conviction – he will say anything to convince people to vote for him for president, even if it contradicts his previous positions. He will rubber stamp extremely intolerant social legislation, he will replicate Bush economic policies that favor the wealthiest, and he has surrounded himself with the Bush-Cheney advisors who got us into these brutal wars. How can you possibly conclude that he will lead us to a reduced deficit and prosperity for all?
– Bob Walls, Fairfield
It appears that we should be grateful if none of our family members work overseas for the State Department. The Benghazi disaster demonstrates that entrusting their safety to bureaucrats in Washington is as big a gamble as relying on the ‘Powerball’ as a retirement plan. But it gets worse. Four people are dead yet the aftermath of this horrible example of incompetence is being muted by a failure of our national media watchdogs to even notice a potential election inspired cover-up, nor has it spotlighted the enormous lack of Leadership from our highest elected and appointed officials.
– Jack Day, West Des Moines