Tuesday, October 23, 2012

O’Brien, Markman and Zahra Have Failed to Protect Michigan Kids

From Michigan Democratic Party:
Michigan Democratic Party Releases New Internet Ad Highlighting Troubling Decisions
LANSING – Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer today unveiled a new Supreme Court online ad, “Dangerous,” that highlights troubling decisions by Colleen O’Brien, Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra that have endangered Michigan’s kids by letting child abusers off with light sentences or throwing out the convictions of child pornographers.
“O’Brien, Markman and Zahra have enabled violence against Michigan’s kids in a series of disturbing decisions,” said Brewer. “Michigan deserves a Supreme Court with justices that have zero tolerance for violence against children. Unfortunately, the records of O’Brien, Markman and Zahra show otherwise.”
  • As an Oakland County Circuit Judge, Colleen O’Brien sentenced a man who had raped an 11-year-old boy to just one year in jail and four years of probation (People v. Jeremy Mark Williams, Case No. CR 2003-189231-FC).
  • Justice Markman reversed the conviction of a politician caught with thousands of images of child porn (People v. Brian Lee Hill, No. 138668, 2010).
  • On the Michigan Court of Appeals, Zahra reversed the conviction of a man who admitted to sharing pornographic images of children with members of an Internet club (People v. Russell Douglas Tombs, No. 236858, 2004).
The video is available online here:
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