Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Andrew Sullivan tells Stephen Colbert: Karl Rove’s ‘head just exploded’

By Stephen C. Webster/Raw Story
During a live interview immediately following Tuesday night’s election results, Newsweek contributor Andrew Sullivan told Comedy Central’s faux conservative pundit Stephen Colbert that Republican strategist Karl Rove’s head actually “exploded” live on Fox News when the election was called for President Barack Obama.
“Karl Rove is demanding a raincheck,” Sullivan quipped. “Right now, Karl Rove is challenging Fox News’s own polling unit and telling them they’re wrong.”

“What do you think happens to Karl now?” Colbert replied. “He promised my billionaire friends…”
“His head just exploded,” Sullivan said, grinning.
“He promised a bunch of billionaires that if they gave him $300 million he would deliver [a win against] Obama,” Colbert said. “Does he have to go into, like, the witness protection program now?”
“Sheldon Adelson poured millions into six races and lost all six of them,” Sullivan noted. “Money is not everything.”
This video is from Comedy Central, aired Tuesday, November 12, 2012.

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