Friday, November 30, 2012

Michigan House Republicans Endorse Corrupt Jase Bolger for Second Term as Speaker

From Michigan Democratic Party:
LANSING – Michigan House Republicans made a strong statement today in support of corruption as they voted unanimously to support Jase Bolger for a second term as Speaker of the House.
“Michigan House Republicans had the chance to reject Jase Bolger, and each one of them chose instead to stand with him in favor of corruption,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “Who did they elect as Bolger’s second in command, Spiro Agnew? Apparently ethics and integrity will not be priorities for the Republican Caucus in 2013-14.”
A one-person grand jury is currently investigating Bolger, Roy Schmidt and others for recruiting fake candidate Matt Mojzak to run against Schmidt, helping Mojzak to file a fraudulent candidate affidavit and then covering up their involvement in the scheme.
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