Thursday, January 03, 2013

Civil rights attorney shuts down Fox News segment by covering ears

By Stephen C. Webster/Raw Story
Civil rights attorney and radio host Leo Terrell figured out on Wednesday night an unusual way to shut down racially inflammatory content on the Fox News Channel: he simply covered his ears on live television.
Amid a heated discussion of gun control that stacked the Republican talker Sean Hannity and conservative attorney Jay Sekulow against him, Terrell seemed like he was really trying to offer a sincere counterpoint.
Talking about the New York newspaper that published a database of gun permit holders in two counties last month, Terrell said he supports the move because it alerts parents to potential threats in their neighborhood. The paper employed similar logic, saying that readers have a right to know following the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.
Hannity’s other guest naturally objected and a heated argument erupted, with neither man going a sentence before interrupting one another. And that’s when Hannity randomly decided to change topics.
Instead of guns, or anything even remotely connected to the topic at hand, the Republican host suddenly wanted to talk about O.J. Simpson’s role in one of the most racially charged murder cases in modern U.S. history — a case that notably did not involve guns.
“Wait, you were friends with O.J. Simpson,” Hannity said, cutting Terrell off mid-sentence. “Did you know he was gonna be liable?”
That appeared to be one step too far for Terrell. “Here we go with O.J. Simpson,” he exclaimed before covering his ears.
“What? Hello? Leo?” Hannity said before laughing. “Alright, we gotta go.”
The segment was not published to Hannity’s online videos page as of Thursday morning.
This video is from Fox News’s’ “Hannity,” aired Wednesday, January 3, 2012. Embed courtesy of Mediaite.

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