Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gov. Rick Snyder’s “Metrics and Measurements” Demonstrate Lack of Progress

From The Michigan Democratic Party
MDP Releases New Video Highlighting Snyder’s Failure to Make Michigan a “Top 10” State
LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party today released a new video, “Metrics and Measurements,” that highlights Michigan’s lack of progress under Gov. Rick Snyder, who told the Heritage Foundation last week that the “role of government is customer service.”
“If Rick Snyder likes to think of Michiganders as his customers, then we haven’t been getting very good customer service,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “Snyder has said his goal is to make Michigan a top 10 state, but he is failing on nearly every metric. Michigan’s recovery has stalled compared to the rest of the nation.”
Snyder has been touting Michigan as the “comeback state,” but Michigan remains at the bottom in key measures on the economy, education, quality of life, public safety and government accountability. A year ago Michigan’s unemployment rate ranked 41st among the states, but as of December 2012, Michigan had fallen to 45th in the nation, behind competitor states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Other statistics highlighted in the video include:
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