Thursday, March 14, 2013

Michigan Democratic Party Statement on Gov. Snyder Appointing Kevyn Orr as Detroit’s Emergency Manager

From Michigan Democratic Party:
LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement today in response to Gov. Rick Snyder appointing Washington lawyer Kevyn Orr as Detroit’s emergency manager.
“Governor Rick Snyder and Lansing Republicans have deliberately starved our communities of billions in revenue, while giving corporate special interests a huge tax break,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson. “Snyder and Lansing Republicans are forcing an unnecessary, hostile takeover as a solution to the problem that they themselves created. Meanwhile the democratic rights of Detroit’s citizens are being trampled to protect the interests of Snyder’s wealthy CEO friends and their lobbyists.
“Just yesterday, a Bloomberg report revealed that Wall Street banks have reaped nearly half a billion in fees from the city of Detroit. Now Snyder is making sure Wall Street continues to get their handsome cut, while services dwindle to nothing and assets are sold off for a song.
“Let’s not forget that a mere six months ago the voters of Michigan tossed out the emergency manager law, only to have Lansing Republicans re-enact it during lame duck. It’s not just Detroit voters who are being snubbed with this move; it’s every Michigan voter that showed up on Election Day and rejected the emergency manager law.
“Kevyn Orr may have an impeccable corporate background, but if Rick Snyder wants him to run Detroit, he should move to Detroit and run for mayor.”
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