Friday, April 12, 2013

Kid Rock: I’m “embarrassed to be a Republican”

BY /Salon
Musician Kid Rock may have rallied support for Mitt Romney in the 2012 campaign run, but lately he is at odds with Republicans. He recently told Rolling Stone that “Athletes and musicians make astronomical amounts of money.”
“People get paid $100 million to throw a baseball! Shouldn’t we all take less and pass some of that money onto others? Think about firefighters, teachers and policemen. We should celebrate people that are intellectually smart and trying to make this world a better place.”
The rock star is trying to cap ticket prices to his shows at $20, “share beer, parking, hot dogs,” reserve rows for friends and designate the next 16 rows for paperless ticketing. The latter, though, is where he’s running into trouble with his party.
From Rolling Stone:
“That’s one of the times I’m fucking embarrassed to be a Republican,” he seethes. “It’s fucking Republican lawmakers passing those laws, you dumbasses. They already did it in New York and they’re trying to do it in Michigan. I’ve even called some of those guys to try and stop it.”
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