Saturday, April 27, 2013

REPORT: Fox News Overwhelmingly Hosts Former Bush Personnel To Cover Library Dedication

ERIC HANANOKI/Media Matters For America:

Fox News' coverage of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum dedication overwhelmingly featured former Bush administration personnel. According to a Media Matters review, 71 percent (12) of guest appearances about President Bush's library and legacy were by former Bush White House personnel, while just 29 percent (5) were not affiliated with Bush.
Fox's heavy tilt toward former Bush personnel helped result in coverage that lionized his administration and pushed myths and falsehoods about his legacy. Fox also aired a softball interview with Bush by his former press secretary, Dana Perino. Presidential historians and veteran reporters previously told Media Matters that reporting about the Bush library and legacy shouldn't "whitewash" his record.  
Former Bush White House personnel who made at least one guest appearance on Fox News included press secretary Dana Perino, counselor Dan Bartlett, counselor Ed Gillespie, chief of staff Joshua Bolten, chief of staff Andy Card, special assistant and photographer Eric Draper, and deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, along with former President Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush.
MethodologyMedia Matters searched the Nexis and databases for mentions of "Bush" on Fox News from April 22 through April 25. We only counted segments primarily focused on Bush's library and legacy.Media Matters did not count reports by Fox News correspondents as guest appearances. 
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