Friday, May 31, 2013

Right Wing ‘Daily Caller’ Posts Racist Tweet, Then Quickly Deletes It

/Americans Against the Tea Party
According to a report from White House reporters, there is an aspiring rapper who calls himself “Rhymes Priebus” somewhere in Chicago. The name is a play on the name of Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus. The White House reporters were driven around by the 26-year-old rapper as part of President Obama’s motorcade on a trip to the Windy City today.
The conservative website Daily Caller did a write-up on the story, but it’s a promotional tweet that’s getting the site some unwanted attention, rather than the story itself.
aattp daily caller
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The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before it was screen-captured and posted on Twittersoon after.
The acronym “HNIC” is internet slang for “head n*gger in charge,” according to the Urban Dictionary.
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