Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Rush Limbaugh upset over criticism that his attacks on Sandra Fluke cost Cumulus millions in lost revenue

By Anomaly/Freak Out Nation:

Advertisers are fleeing from the acidic right wing host Rush Limbaugh’s show, and nothing displays that more than the Conservative host, in retaliation, consideration to ditch Cumulus after CEO Lew Dickey’s recent charge that his company has lost millions in lost ad sales since Rush’s attack on Sandra Fluke. It wasn’t unexpected that Limbaugh attacked a college co-ed, since historically he has targeted women and children, among others, but his hate speech in this instance lasted weeks, non stop.

Cumulus runs a network of approximately 40 stations, and in 2012 the CEO blamed Limbaugh for nearly one third of lost revenue. What’s telling is that the right wing host can’t take criticism, even though he dishes it out on a daily basis with his followers purporting his vitriol to be a freedom of speech issue, thereby disregarding common decency.
the Daily News reports:
Limbaugh’s contract with WABC expires at the end of the year.
Lew Dickey, the CEO of WABC parent company Cumulus, has said Limbaugh’s controversial comments have diminished ad revenue for the past year — and the slump remains a “residual hangover” for the station.
The tipping point occurred over the weekend when a source close to Limbaugh told the Daily News: “Lew needs someone to blame, (so) he’s pointing fingers instead of fixing his own sales problem.”
But, Dickey told analysts that the fallout from the Sandra Fluke controversy cost Cumulus “a couple of million” in the first quarter of 2012 and “a couple of million” in the second quarter.
Limbaugh needs to learn that there are consequences for his actions.
AmericaBlog has a post on this too.
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